3pcs 24V ZFX-W2062 Microcomputer Digital Elec
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Specifications: Temperature range: -50~110°CResolution: 0.1°C/-9.9~99.9; 1°C/otherMeasurement accuracy: 0.1 ° CRefresh rate: 0.5SHigh temperature protection: 0-110 ° CInput voltage: 24V DCMeasurement input: NTC (10K0.5%) waterproof sensorOutput: 1channel 10A relayEnvironmental requirements: -10~60°C; humidity 20%-85%Size: 48*29*32mmOpening size: 46*26.5mmPower consumption: quiescent current <65mA Instructions for Use: 1. Connect the power supply and load, that is, supply power to the controller. At this time, the red color is displayed as the measured temperature, and the blue color below is the required set temperature. Press SET(+)C/F(+) to set the required The set temperature is automatically confirmed and returned after 3 seconds of setting. At this time, the controller automatically performs relay energization according to the setting. The output of the thermostat is 10A relay, which satisfies the high power load. Please ensure the line is correct.2. Parameter setting: Press and hold SET for 5 seconds to enter the main menu setting. Press SET(+)C/F(-) to switch P0-P8. When adjusting parameters P0-P8, if you need to adjust P0, press SET at the same time. +) C/F (-) adjustment, after adjusting OK, press SET (+) C / F (-) at the same time to confirm, P1-P8 set as P0. Indicator light: off means the relay is off, steady light means the relay is closedDigital tube: The above shows that LL is the sensor open circuit; the display HH is out of the measurement range (the temperature controller will forcibly open the relay display, which is high temperature protection.)C/F key: Celsius or Fahrenheit conversion key Package Included: 3 x Microcomputer Digital Electronic Temperature Controller Fahrenheit Celsius Adjustable
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