Jan 18, 2011 - Business Wire
Clustrix Reveals Customers and Strong Worldwide Momentum

"Part of the reason we purchased the Clustrix solution was due to the fact that Clustrix is MySQL-compatible, and did not require changes to existing architecture, database schemas or applications...As our transactional workload continues to grow, we will continue to reap even greater benefits of Clustrix's scalable, fault-tolerant, fully relational, and distributed database architecture."


Jan 17, 2011 - New York Times
Clustrix Lifts the Curtain on Early Database Customers

"Database startup Clustrix revealed the identities of four customers today...The customers announced are AOL, Photobox, and iOffer, and...all four agree that Clustrix’s status as a SQL database touting scalability helped spur the decision to give Clustrix a whirl."


Nov 4, 2010 - Internet Retailer
iOffer taps into global data centers to improve site performance

"Since the implementation, iOffer says global page load times have dropped to less than one second, which means the site loads as quickly for international as U.S. consumers."


Oct 8, 2010 - Skip McGrath's Auction Seller's Resource
eBay Seller Finds a Home at

"Within 20 minutes most of my entire eBay store of 900+ listings of vintage silver-plate flatware was listed on What really surprised me was I started to get sales within a couple of days."


Oct 7, 2010 - Business Wire
CDNetworks Enables Internet Retailer iOffer to Grow its Global Customer Base

"Since enabling its interactive site with the CDNetworks solution, iOffer has decreased page load times internationally by between 200 and 300 percent. This has led to gains in site stickiness, returning user count, number of page views, and volume of international visitors to the iOffer site."


Sep 30, 2010 - PCWorld
Skeptical Shopper: Tired of eBay? Consider These Alternatives

"iOffer lets you either purchase an item at the seller's asking price or make the seller an offer. Stores are also integrated with Google Analytics, so sellers can track visitors and keywords to help them optimize the stores' design."


Aug 2, 2009 - PR Web
New Store Features Benefit Both Buyers and Sellers on iOffer

"More buyers are searching for better deals online, forcing sellers to find innovative ways to brighten their stores and attract more buyers. New customizable features allow iOffer sellers to uniquely tailor their storefront to offer a welcoming first impression and provide a comprehensive store overview to buyers."


July 29, 2009 - TechWhack Sellers Increasingly Select mPayy to Provide Buyers Faster, More Secure Checkout Experiences

"mPayy technology empowers iOffer’s sellers to take their stores "on the road" by transforming their cell phones into mobile point of sale systems. iOffer sellers experience significant savings on every transaction versus competing online or mobile payment services with mPayy Small Business accounts."


May 20, 2009 - PR Log Adds Bulk Editor and Shipping Profiles for Sellers

"Updating an item's price, quantity, condition, description, and shipping can be accomplished in three simple steps, allowing sellers to focus on marketing and customer satisfaction...To ease the confusion in shipping costs, iOffer sellers can create unique shipping profiles to specify shipping within and outside the United States. "


February 26, 2009 - openPR Unveils Enhanced Item Detail Page

"The new item detail page is centered on item description and buying terms, creating a global buyer appeal...[It] inspires buyers to proactively initiate negotiations with sellers to speed up transactions...buyers and sellers are satisfied, and both obtain better online shopping experiences."


February 23, 2009 - Just Publicity Reports Growing Revenue and Traffic in January

"Despite the continuing effects of the declining economy and the need for consumers to save money, January statistics in terms of traffic and revenue have fulfilled and surpassed all expectations for iOffer."


December 30, 2008 - EcommWire
New iOffer Home Page Highlights Buyer and Seller Actions

"iOffer continues to provide a consumer-friendly community that adds value and excitement with their inviting new home page...Buyers and sellers are able to obtain a better experience through this focus on content and personalization."


December 18, 2008 - AuctionBytes
eBay Alternatives: iOffer Reports Sales Are Up

" reported record dollar sales, units sold, new items listed, and new memberships over the past six weeks from November 1, 2008 to December 15, 2008."


December 15, 2008 - 1888 Press Release Adds Currency Conversion To Localize International Transactions

"...iOffer seeks to provide the best venue to accommodate a diverse membership base...In engaging its members to establish and cultivate international relationships, iOffer remains at the forefront of providing a welcoming online community for enjoyable online shopping experiences."


November 27, 2008 - 24-7 Press Release Now Accepting Amazon Pay

"iOffer strives to protect its members from online fraud and scams...With Amazon Pay, iOffer continues to find more ways to improve the online shopping experience by catering to and satisfying members’ needs."


October 1, 2008 - AuctionBytes
iOffer Partners with Mpayy and Offers $10 Sign-up Bonus

"iOffer buyers...receive 1% Cash Back on purchase amounts over $50...iOffer sellers will see savings on every transaction, paying 2% plus 20 cents per transaction when they open an Mpayy Small Business account..."


July 7, 2008 - Press Release 365 Adds Group Offers to Maximize Online Buyer and Seller Options

"In the consumer world, buyers want the best deal, and sellers want their business. What better way to combine the two desires than iOffer's group offers...Buyers get what they want, sellers get a quick and smooth transaction."


June 21, 2008 - The Times Tribune
Awesome offers gives a run for its money

"...what makes the site so unique is that unlike other auction sites where the highest bidder wins the item, potential buyers make offers on items listed for sale and the seller decides whether to accept the offers."


June 2, 2008 -
Bidville Throwing in the Towel...Transfer Your Listings to iOffer

"Mr. Grabber is a convenient tool that transfers ratings and unsold items from other online marketplaces, allowing iOffer members to spend more time interacting and negotiating rather than listing items and building their reputations."


April 20, 2008 - AuctionBytes, the 'Make Me an Offer' Ecommerce Site

"...we wanted to create a better develop live interactions. More than half of our buyers get notification with only five to ten minutes of lag time."