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This listing is for all episodes of Young and the Restless from 2009. This collection is 63 DVDs. DVDs come in white paper dvd sleeves on white dvds. Relive this great year with so many great characters. I truly believe this is one of the shows best years. Definitely the best since the 90s ended. Some of the storylines that occured in 2009 were:

Lily getting ovarian cancer.

The revelation that Katherine is alive and that Marge was killed. Katherine is released from prison.

Nina investigates Phillip Chancellor and the truth comes out that Cane is not Phillip.

Chloe gives birth to Delia.

Sharon becomes pregnant but do to her manic behavior and sleeping with three men, she doesn't know who the father is. She begins stealing things and ends up in the mental hospital where she gives birth.

Adam is released from prison and put on house arrest at the ranch. He gaslights Ashley and makes a pregnant Ashley lose her mind. She falls down the stairs and loses the baby. She continues her pregnancy never realizing she lost the baby and Adam steals Sharon's baby and gives it to Ashley.

Sharon mourns the loss of her child and begins a relationship with Adam and they get married.

Victor brings a woman named Mary Jane Benson to town who begins a relationship with Jack. It's Patty Williams in disguise. This story line was awesome!

Patty causes Colleen to die and she shoots Victor. Victor receives Colleen's heart. Traci Abbot gives the performance of a lifetime.

Brad Carlton dies saving Noah.