Item Description
Universal 6mm Hose Fuel Line Assembly Outboard Primer Bulb For Marine Boat RVsDescription:It includes a premium quality rubber bulb and 6mm fuel hose, 360 degrees stainless steel hose clamps.Premium quality rubber bulb with built in check valve offers superior resistance to U/V, ozone and alcohol enhanced fuel.Upgrade older tanks to the latest low-permeation fuel line standards with this fuel line assembly.Fully compatible with Ethanol blended fuels.-Meets EPA low permeation mandates.Engineered low permeation material prevents fuel evaporation .Bulb engineered to maintain flexibility and prevent collapse in hot and cold temperatures .Specification:Overall Length : 188cm / 6ftHose diameter : 6mmMaterial : rubberColor : BlackFitment :Suitable for Boats, RVs, Tractors, and Caravans .Note : This is universal fuel line and as such do not come with engine or tank fittings .Package Included:1 X Fuel Line Assembly Available Options:977149