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Below is the match listings for this great
Memphis #1 January – July 1981
Jerry Lawler/Koko Ware v.Jerry/David Novak
Jerry Lawler v.Dory Funk Jr
Bill Dundee/Dream Machine v.Masa Fuchi/Atsushi Onita
Bill Dundee/Dream Machine v.Masa Fuchi/Atsushi Onita
Jerry Lawler v.Terry Funk(Empty Arena Match)
Roy Rogers/Tiny Tim v.Jimmy Hart/Billy The Kid
Kevin Sullivan/Wayne Ferris v.Bill Dundee/Dream Machine
Dutch Mantell v.Kevin Sullivan(TV Title)
Kevin Sullivan/Wayne Ferris v.Bill Dundee/Dream Machine
Masa Fuchi/Atsushi Onita v.Dutch Mantell/Stan Frazier
Terry Funk Interview(Terry Goes Beserk)
Jerry Lawler v.Dory Funk Jr
Dutch Mantell-Kevin Sullivan confrontations
Kevin Sullivan/Wayne Ferris v.Bill Dundee/Dream Machine
Dutch Mantell v.Wayne Ferris
Interviews about Dream Matches
Steve Keirn v.Chic Donovan
Jerry Lawler v.Jimmy Hart
Steve Keirn v.Chic Donovan
Lawler/Dream Machine/Mantell v.Fuchi/Onita/Yamamoto
Keirn v.Sullivan(TV Title)
Jimmy Hart interviews about winning the Southern Title and
First Family Break up
Southern Title Tournament Highlights(7/21/81)
The Heartbreakers v.David Price/Pat Hutchinson
Mantell v.Yamamoto(Bull Whip)
Memphis #2 (7/81 – 12/81)(2 discs)
Disc 1
Buddy Wayne vs. Jerry Lawler (attacked by Dream Machine &
First Family)
Dream Machine Interview
Onita & Fuchi vs. Dundee & Roy Rodgers
First Family Interview (Lawler tars and feathers Jimmy Hart)
Dundee & Lawler vs. Onita & Fuchi*
Jerry Lawler vs. The Nightmare*
Dundee & Keirn vs. Donovan & Nightmare (Arena)
Dutch Mantel vs. Tojo Yamamoto (Arena) (JIP)
Onita & Fuchi vs. Rick & Robert Gibson*
Jimmy Hart Interview (Interrupted by Steve Keirn)
Keirn-Hart Trust Segment
Onita & Fuchi vs. Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Morton
(Arena) (clip)
Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Morton Interview (Interrupted by
Onita & Fuchi vs. Keirn & Mantel (clip)
Onita & Fuchi vs. Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Morton
(Concession Brawl) (Match not shown)*
Jerry Lawler vs. Dream Machine (Arena) (clip)
First Family Interview
Music Video ("Great Balls of Fire")
Dream Machine Music Video ("Alley Oop")
Dream Machine attacks Lance Russell
Dream Machine Interview
The Southern Belt is retired
"My Way" Video
Dutch Mantel vs. Masa Fuchi
Jimmy Valiant vs. Chick Donovan
Disc 2
Ricky Morton vs. Dream Machine
Rick Gibson vs. Nightmare & Speed
Dutch Mantel vs. Steve Keirn (Arena) (JIP)
Onita & Fuchi vs. Dundee & Rodgers (JIP)
First Family Interview (Interrupted by Yamamoto)
Jimmy Hart Interview
Jimmy Hart vs. Jerry Calhoun (Match never starts)
Yamamoto-Jimmy Hart Confrontation
Dream Machine-Jimmy Valiant clips
Jerry Lawler vs. Chick Donovan*
Jerry Lawler vs. Sweet Brown Sugar (Arena) (JIP)
Jerry Lawler attacked by Big Killer Karl
Lawler & Yamamoto vs. Assassins (Arena Highlights)
Jimmy Hart Interview (after Lawler piledriver)
Jerry Lawler Interview
Jerry Lawler vs. Super Destroyer
Super Destroyer Piledriver incident
Jerry Lawler Interview
Dutch Mantel vs. The Shadow
Dream Machine & Jimmy Hart Interview (Big Bird)
Handsome Jimmy Valiant Interview/ Song
Jimmy Valiant Interview (joined by Jerry Lawler & Bill
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee Interview (joined by Jimmy
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Terry Gordy & Michael
Andy Kaufman wrestles a woman
Andy Kaufman promo
Lynch Memphis #3 12/81 – 6/82 (2 discs)
Disc 1
Gilbert & Morton vs. Condrey & Rose (11:15)
Keirn & Dundee vs. Cuban & Iranian Assassin
Jimmy Hart vs. Dennis Upton
Bill Dundee vs. Jimmy Hart
Bill Dundee vs. Super Destroyer
Dundee & Mantell vs. Nightmare & Speed
Cuban & Iranian Assassin vs. Rogers & McCord
Stan Lane interview
Lawler vs. Mantell
Keirn-Norvell Confrontation
Keirn vs. Norvell
Keirn vs. Norvell
Lawler vs. Mantell
Disc 2
Lawler vs. Mantell
Rick & Robert Gibson vs. Eaton & Sugar
Roy Rogers vs. Norvell Austin
Bill Dundee Music Video ("Blue Skies")
Rick Gibson Interview
Jimmy Hart vs. Robert Gibson (4:40)(1:10) (5:50)
Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman
Mantell & Joe Stark vs. Condry & Austin
Iron Sheik vs. Roy Rogers
Jerry Lawler vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Tanaka & Fuji vs. Dundee & Fuller
Terry Boulder vs. Mongolian Stomper
Jerry Lawler vs. Tanaka
Dick Slater vs. Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller vs. Mongolian Stomper
Dick Slater vs. Bill Dundee
Lou Thesz vs. Terry (Buzz) Sawyer (10:26)(:14)(:55)
Jeff Lynch Memphis 4 (2 discs)
Bobby Eaton vs. Steve Keirn
Bobby Eaton vs. Bill Dundee
Ric Flair vs. Jerry Lawler
Dutch Mantell-Bill Dundee Brawl
Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala
Eaton & Sugar vs. Keirn & Taylor
Eaton & Sugar vs. Keirn & Taylor
Jerry Lawler vs. Dream Machine
Eaton & Sugar vs. Keirn & Taylor
Sheepherders vs. Ira Reese & Aaron Holt
Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkle
Fabulous Ones vs. Rick McGraw & Dream Machine
Lawler & Dundee vs. Adrian Street & Bobby Apocalypse
Lawler vs. Bockwinkle
Eaton & Sugar vs. Dundee & Taylor
Lawler vs. Sabu
Taylor vs. Jacques Rougeau
Sheepherders vs. Robert Reed & Phillip Rougeau
Jackie Fargo & Stan Lane vs. Moondogs
Lynch Memphis #5
Dream Machine & Porkchop Cash vs. RNR Express
Eaton vs. Landel
Condry vs. Mantell
Lawler vs. Dundee
Eaton & Sugar vs. Dundee & Bobby Fulton
Taylor & Rougeau vs. Boyd & Williams (Coal Miner's
Fabulous Ones vs. Dream Machine & Rick McGraw
Fabulous Ones vs. Eaton & Machine
Lawler & Dundee vs. Boyd & Williams
Dundee & Calhoun vs. Street, Cornette & Linda
Dundee & Calhoun vs. Street, Cornette & Linda
Eaton vs. Dundee
Eaton vs. Sugar
Lynch Memphis #6
Tommy Rogers vs. Koko Ware
Idol & Mantell vs. Machine & Cash
Lawler interviews and clips
Fabulous Ones vs. Assassins
RNR Express & Rick Gibson vs. Condry, Landel &
Assassins vs. Ken Raper & Robert Reed
Assassins vs. Fabulous Ones
Lawler, Idol, Mantel vs. Moondogs & Man Mountain Link
Lawler vs. Kaufman
Lynch Memphis #7 (2 discs)
Sheepherders, Adrian Street & Jesse Barr vs. Fabulous
Ones, Dutch Mantell & Steve O
Jerry Lawler vs. Jim Cornette & Jimmy Hart
Bill Dundee vs. Adrian Street
Sheepherders, Adrian Street & Jesse Barr vs. Fabulous
Ones, Dutch Mantell & Steve O
The Moondogs vs. Fabulous Ones (Stretcher Match)
Stagger Lee vs. The Ace of Spades
The Moondogs vs. Stan Lane & Jackie Fargo (Stretcher
Fabulous Ones vs. Duke Myers & Bobby Eaton
Jerry Lawler vs. Crusher Blackwell
Bill Dundee & Jerry Calhoun vs. Adrian Street, Jim
Cornette & Miss Linda
Bill Dundee vs. Adrian Street, Jim Cornette & Miss Linda
(Strap Match)
Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantel (1/19/82)
Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantel (2/8/82)
Jerry Lawler vs. Dutch Mantel (3/2/82)
Luke Williams & Jonathan Boyd vs. Jacques Rougeau &
Terry Taylor (Coal Miner's Glove)
Jacques Rougeau vs. Rick McGraw
Terry Taylor, Jacques Rougeau & Bobby Fulton vs. Crusher
Broomfield, Sweet Brown Sugar & Bobby Eaton (Elimination Tag
Jackie Fargo vs. Jimmy Hart (no end)
Lynch Memphis 8 (3 discs)
Jim Neidhart vs. Austin Idol (6/11/84)
Jerry Lawler vs. Lord Humongous (5/21/84)
Terry Taylor vs. Sabu (5/21/84)
Rick Rude vs. Dutch Mantel (5/84)
Randy Savage vs. Austin Idol (5/84)
Randy Savage vs. Jerry Lawler (Cage match)
Jerry Lawler vs. Rick Rude (6/11/84)
Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs. Jerry Lawler & Jimmy
Valiant (Incomplete)
Randy Savage vs Ron Garvin (Cage)
Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich vs. Phil Hickerson & The
Spoiler (Street Fight) (6/25/84)
Rip Rogers vs. Tapu
Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs. RNR Express (6/25/84)
Fabulous Ones vs. PYTs (6/25/84)
Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol vs. Road Warriors (6/25/84)
Austin Idol vs. Masa Ito (6/16/84)
Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs. RNR Express (7/16/84)
Bob Orton Jr. vs. Buddy Landel (7/84)
Jerry Lawler vs. King Kong Bundy ($10,000 challenge)
Randy Svaage vs. Rick Rude (9/3/84)
Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage vs. Rick Rude & King Kong
Bundy (9/10/84)
Eddie Gilbert vs. Jerry Lawler (12/84)
Knoxville Clip from 1980: Orton vs. Garvin
RNR Express vs. Nightmares (1/13/85)
Lynch Memphis #9 (1980-81) (2 discs)
Dundee & Dream Machine vs. Sullivan & Ferris
Lawler vs. Killer Karl Krupp
Dundee, Gibson, Yamamoto vs. Rich, Irwin & Gypsy Joe
Lawler vs. Race 1979 (Clips)
Tony Charles vs. Bobby Eaton & Jimmy Hart
Paul Ellering vs. Robert Gibson
Lawler vs. Ron Bass
Rich & Dundee vs. David & Jerry Novak
Tony Charles vs. Billy Robinson
Rich & Dundee vs. Davis & Jerry Novak
Ferris & Latham vs. Rick & Robert Gibson
Paul Ellering vs. Jimmy Valiant
Ferris & Latham vs. Lawler & Dundee
Dundee & Dream Machine vs. Ferris & Yamamoto
Dundee & Rich vs. Idol & Mantell
Lawler vs. Funk
Lawler vs. French Angel & Gypsy Joe
Lynch Memphis #10 (1983 Arena Bouts) (2 discs)
Dundee vs. Terry Taylor
Lawler vs. Bobby Eaton
Jacques Rougeau vs. Rick McGraw
Fabulous Ones vs. Eaton & Dream Machine
Sweet Brown Sugar & Jimmy Hart vs. Jesse Barr & Jim
Lawler vs. Sugar & Hart
Bobby Eaton vs. Stagger Lee
Fabulous Ones vs. Moondogs
Stagger Lee vs. Stan Frasier
Dundee vs. Terry Taylor
Grapplers, Dream Machine & Cash vs. RNR Express, Taylor
& Stagger Lee
Fabulous Ones vs. Eaton, Myers & Jimmy Hart
Lawler vs. Dundee
Cash & Dream Machine vs. Mantell & Stagger Lee
RNR Express vs. Grapplers (Texas Death Match)
Fabulous Ones vs. Moondogs
Stan Lane & Jackie Fargo vs. Moondogs
RNR Express & Bobby Eaton vs. Moondogs & Jimmy
Jerry Lawler vs. Ken Patera
Tommy Rogers vs. Adrian Street
Moondogs vs. Eaton & Taylor
Lawler, Idol & Valiant vs. Patera & The Assassins
Lynch Memphis #11 (2 discs)
Pritchard vs Frankie Laine TV Title Grapplers steal
R&R Express vs Grapplers
Andy Kaufman Debut Stidio int.
Jimmy Hart & Andy Kaufman vs Jerry Lawler
Fabs & Idol vs Moondogs & Eaton
Stan Frazier vs Ken Raper
Fabs – Grapplers Confrontation
Mantel vs Frankie Laine MA Title
Kaufman/Hart int.
Assassin #1 & Hart vs Lawler & Kaufman
Assassins vs Mashford & Johnson
Eaton vs Moondog Rex
Eaton vs Moondog Spot
Stan Hansen vs Pritchard TV Title
Assassins vs Lawler & Idol
Plus lots of interviews
Disc. 2
Eaton,Taylor & S. Lee vs Frazier,Hutchinson &
Patera vs Lawler
Assassins vs Idol & Lawler
Rogers vs Hutchinson
Landel & Condrey vs Pritchard & Jamison
Moondogs vs Koko & Taylor
Plus lots of interviews
Lynch Memphis #12 (7/16 – 9/17/83) (2 discs)
Tom Pritchard vs. Frnakie Laine
RNR Express vs. Grapplers
Andy Kaufman studio debut interview
Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman/Jimmy Hart
Fabulous Ones & Idol vs. Moondogs & Eaton
Stan Frazier vs. Ken Raper
Fabs-Grapplers Confrontation
Dutch Mantell vs. Frankie Laine
Kaufman & Hart Interview
Assassin #1 & Jimmy Hart vs. Lawler & Kaufman
Assassins vs. David Johnson & Mike Mashford
Bobby Eaton vs. Moondog Rex
Bobby Eaton vs. Moondog Spot
Stan Hansen vs. Tom Pritchard
Assassins vs. Lawler & Idol
Eaton, Taylor & Stagger Lee vs. Frazier, Hutchinson &
Jesse Owens
Lawler vs. Patera
Assassins vs. Lawler & Idol
Tommy Rogers vs. Pat Hutchinson
Landel & Condrey vs. Pritchard & Hutchinson
Terry Taylor & Koko Ware vs. Moondogs
Jeff Lynch Memphis 13 (2 discs)
RNR Express vs. Cash & Dream Machine
RNR Express vs. Cash & Dream Machine
Stan Hansen vs. Austin Idol (x4)
Moondogs vs. Fabulous Ones
Dutch Mantell vs. Dennis Condrey
Grapplers vs. Cash & Dream Machine
Lawler vs. Savage (Cage)
Dundee & Jim Morris vs. Fabulous Ones
Jerry Lawler Show (1983 Year in Review)
Moondogs vs. Fabulous Ones
Lawler vs. Bockwinkle
Savage vs. Mantell
Moondogs vs. Fabulous Ones
RNR Express vs. Blackwell & Patera
Savage vs. Mantell
Lawler & Idol vs. Patera & Blackwell
Savage jumped by Mantell
Memphis #14 (4/17 – 6/5/84) (2 discs)
4/17- Interviews; Gilbert & Rich vs. Norvell &
Stagger Lee
4/24- Lawler & Dillon vs. Savage & Hart
Rick Rude vs. Rick McCord
Jim Neidhart vs. Jim Jamison
Dutch Mantel vs. Ox Baker
PYTs vs. Davidson & Atlas; Interviews
5/1- Randy Savage vs. Ric McCord; Interviews
5/8- Interviews
5/15- Rhodes & Davidson vs. Cogburn, A-Team #1, Roberson
PYTs vs. Rhodes & Davidson
Gilbert & Rich vs. Rude & Neidhart
Randy Savage vs. Austin Idol; Interviews
5/22- Davidson vs. Cogburn
PYTs vs. Rhodes & Davidson
Lawler vs. Lord Humongous; Interviews
PYTs vs. Gilbert & Rich
5/29- PYTs vs. Gilbert & Rich
Neidhart forms Neidhart's Raiders
Lawler vs. Lord Humongous; Interviews
6/5- Interviews; Mantel vs. Rude
Lawler vs. Neidhart
Memphis #15 Sept. 15 - Nov. 3, 1984 (2 discs)
Sept. 15
Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude
Eddie Gilbert vs Jim Jamison
Sept. 22
Nightmares vs Dutch Mantell/Tommy Rich
Rick Morton/Robert Gibson/Jerry Lawler vs King Kong
Bundy/Rick Rude/Kurt Von Hess
Sept. 29
Dutch Mantell vs Eddie Gilbert
Len Denton/Tony Anthony vs Mark Ragin/Ken Raper
Len Denton/Tony Anthony vs Mark Ragin
Dutch Mantell vs Nightmares
Oct. 6
Dutch Mantell/Tommy Rich vs Nightmares
Len Denton/Tony Anthony vs Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit
Oct. 13
Oct. 20
Eddie Gilbert vs Johnny Wilhoit
Randy Savage vs Kurt Von Hess
Len Denton/Tony Anthony vs Randy Savage/Mark Batten
Oct. 27
Jerry Lawler vs Nightmare #1
Road Warriors vs King Kong Bundy & Rick Rude
Eddie Gilbert vs Lanny Poffo
Len Denton/Tony Anthony vs Rufus R Jones/Jerry Bryant
Nov. 3
Steve Keirn/Stan Lane vs King Kong Bundy/Rick Rude
Tommy & Eddie Gilbert vs Mark Batten/?
Eddie Gilbert vs Lanny Poffo
Memphis #16 May-June 1984 (2 discs)
May 5
Jerry Lawler vs Lord Humongous
Jerry Lawler/Brickhouse Brown/? vs Rick Rude, Jim Neidhart,
Porkchop Cash
May 12
Rick Rude vs Dutch Mantell
Jerry Lawler/Eddie Marlin vs Ox Baker/Jimmy Hart
Jerry Lawler vs Lord Humongous
Randy Savage vs Austin Idol
May 19
May 26
Jerry Lawler vs Lord Humongous *loser leaves*
Dutch Mantell/Evelyn Stevens vs Rick Rude/Angel
June 2
Eddie Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Norvell Austin/Koko Ware
June 9
Jerry Lawler/Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit vs Norvel Austin/Koko
Ware/The Nightmare
June 16
Eddie Gilbert/Tommy Rich/Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit vs Phil
Hickerson/the Spoiler/Jim Neidhart/Nightmare #1
June 23
Memphis #17 June-Oct 1984 + June 1986 (2 discs)
June 30
Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich vs Phil Hickerson &
Spoiler, Street Fight
Rick Rude vs Jerry Lawler
July 7
July 14
July 21
Jerry Lawler vs King Kong Bundy
Rick Rude vs Tommy Rich
July 28
King Kong Bundy vs Tommy Rich
Rude - Lawler brawl
Road Warriors vs Steve Keirn & Stan Lane
August 4
Tag Tournament announced
August 11
Interviews (Gilbert now heel)
Sept 8
Sept 15
Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage vs King Kong Bundy & Rick
September 22
Sept 29
Oct 13
June 21, 1986
Jerry Lawler, Stan Frazier & Augstin Idol vs Mod Squad
& JD Costello
Jos LeDuc - Paul Diamond confrontations
June 28, 1986
Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs Pat Tanaka & Mr Liberty
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Keith Eric & Mike Murphy
Buddy Landel vs Flame
Memphis 18 (2 discs)
Jerry Lawler Show from July 1, 15, 22 and 29; August 5 and 12
Jerry Lawler vs. The Animal
King Kong Bundy vs. Tommy Rich
Eddie Gilbert vs. Ken Raper
Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler vs. Mark Batten & Johnnt
Rick Rude smaskes Lawler's car windshield
Rock & Roll Express vs. The Nightmares (Danny Davis &
Kenny Wayne)
King Kong Bundy & Kurt Von Hess vs. Randy Johnson &
Jim Jamison
Tommy Rich/Eddie Gilbert confrontation
Mark Ragin' vs. Keith Robertson
Dutch Mantell vs. Keith Robertson
Jeff Lynch Memphis 19A (2 discs)
Lawler interview w/ Freedom Fighters
Mantell-Casey Confrontation
Mantell vs. Ric Casey
Bill Dundee attacks Koko Ware
Fanatastics-Sheepherders brawl
Ric Casey vs. Tony Falk
Tracy Smothers vs. Tony Falk
Jerry Lawler vs. Tony Falk
Fantastics vs. Mantell & Falk
Dundee celebrates victory over Lawler
Dundee vs. Keith Erich
Ric Casey vs. Tony Falk
Dundee vs. Big Red Reese
Dundee Interview
Fantastics Date Contest
Buddy Landel Date Contest
Sheepherders attack Fantastics
Fantastics vs. Falk & Erich
Koko Ware & Casey vs. Jonathan Boyd & Bigfoot
Fantastics attacked by Dundee & Gaddaffy
Idol vs. Falk
Idol-Landel Confrontation
Mantel vs. Casey
Bill & Buddy turn on Dutch
Buddy Landel vs. Billy Travis
Fantastics vs. Falk &
Fantastics vs. Mod Squad
Memphis #19B 03/29-06/01/86 (2 DVD)
Jim Jamison vs. Tony Falk
Landel & Dundee take over announcing with Bill and Buddy
Jerry Lawler & Dutch Mantell vs. Pat & Bill Rose
Lawler and Mantell destroy Bill and Buddy's set
04/12/86; Interviews
Falk/Jarrett confrontation
Paul Diamond & Michael Lee vs. Tony Falk & Keith
Bill Dundee & Buddy Landel vs. Jim Jamison & David
Billy Travis vs. Keith Eric
Jos LeDuc vs. Bill Rose
Tony Falk vs. Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lawler vs. Tony Falk
The MOD Squad vs. Frank Morrell & David Haskins
Jos Leduc/Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Falk/Abdul Khadaffi
JD Costello offers Mantell $ to join stable, Mantell takes
money and Costello's stable attack him
Jerry Lawler vs. Abdul Khadaffi
The MOD Squad vs. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka
Billy Travis vs. Rip Rogers
Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol vs. Bill Dundee & Buddy
Landell (Bill turns on Buddy)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Tony Falk
Bill Dundee vs. Jim Jamison
Rip Rogers, Danny Fargo & Tony Falk vs. David Haskins,
Ken Raper & David Johnson
Memphis #20 10/11-11/22/86 (2 discs)
Jarrett & Tanaka vs. Bryant & Winston
Rhodes, Bass & Wright smash Lawler's crown
Bubba Monroe vs. Jim Jamison
Tanaka, Smothers & Haskins vs. Goto, Sato & The
Rhodes & Bass vs. McCord & Paul
Dennis Hall vs. David Haskins
Tracy Smothers vs. Ninja
Big Bubba & Bubba Monroe vs. McCord & Paul
Goto & Sato vs. McCord & Paul
Bass & Wright vs. Smothers & Tanaka
Ninja vs. Jeff Jarrett
Lawler, Frazier & Haskins vs. Bryant, Winston &
Goto, Sato, Rhodes & Bass vs. McCord, Haskins, Paul &
Jonathan Boyd & Bigfoot vs. Randy & Robert Bryant
Battle Royal
Jarrett, Travis, Tanaka & Smothers vs. Bryant, Winston
& The Animals
Tojo, Goto & Sato attack Jarrett & Diamond
Goto & The Ninja vs. Tanaka & Parks
Tracy Smothers vs. Boy Tony
Jonathan Boyd attacks Eddie Marlin
Boyd & Bigfoot vs. Jarrett & Travis
Goto & Sato vs. Jarrett & Diamond
RPMs – Goto & Sato Confrontation
Memphis #21 1/3-2/28/87 (2 discs)
Jonathan Boyd, Yamamoto, Burton & Boy Tony vs. Jarrett,
Travis, Diamond & Smothers
Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Rich
Jarrett, Travis & Tanaka vs. Goto, Burton & Yamamoto
Lawler vs. Rich
Lawler vs. Idol
Sheepherders vs. Fabulous Ones
Sheepherders – Travis & Jarrett Confrontation
Fabulous Ones – Sheepherders Parking Lot Brawl
Jarrett & Travis vs. Goto & Yamamoto
Bubba, Goliath, Boy Tony & Tony Bruno vs. Diamond,
Smothers, Paul & Mattox
Fabulous Ones vs. Sheepherders
Bubba & Goliath vs. Johnson & Mattox
Lance & Dave's 20th Anniversary Show
Jarrett & Travis vs. Burton & Roberson
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Goto & Wright
Tanaka & West vs. Goto & Boy Tony
Pat Tanaka vs. Boy Tony
Memphis #22 6/87 (3 discs)
6/20/87 (Studio)
Battle Royal
Lawler & Dundee vs. Idol & Rich
Jerry Lawler vs. Don Bass
Jeff Jarrett vs. Moondog Spot
Jeff Jarrett vs. Keith Roberson
Moondog Spot vs. Jim Jamison
Earthquake Ferris vs. Ed Mattox
Billy Travis – Phil Hickerson Confrontation
Dundee & Johnson vs. Keith Erich & Thunderbird
6/20/87 (Arena)
Matches from Tag Tournament
Travis & Starr vs. Moondog Spot & Jack Hart
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Jarrett & Bubba
Lawler & Dundee vs. Hickerson & Mr. Shima
Idol & Rich vs. Travis & Starr
Jarrett & Bubba vs. Hickerson & Mr. Shima
Travis & Starr vs. Hickerson & Mr. Shima
6/21/87 Jerry Lawler Show
6/27/87 (Studio)
Dundee & Johnson vs. Roberson & Cogburn
Don Bass sings
Hickerson vs. Travis
Moondog Spot vs. Ed Mattox
The Clones vs. Thompson & Jamison
Jarrett & Allen West vs. Rough & Cogburn
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Paul & Bryant
Bill Dundee – Diamond & Tanaka Confrontation
Lawler & Dundee vs. Brickhouse Brown & Austin Idol
Jerry Lawler vs. Keith Erich
Brickhouse Brown vs. John Paul
6/27/87 (Arena)
Yamamoto & Mad Dog vs. Travis & Starr
Don Bass vs. Bucky Siegler
Jimmy Snuka vs. Dennis Stamp (AWA)
6/28/87 Jerry Lawler Show
Memphis #23 8/87 (3 discs)
8/1/87 (Studio)
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Thompson & Mattox
Rocky Johnson vs. Rooster Cogburn
Wrestling's Price Is Right
Jarrett & Travis vs. Roberson & Thunderbird
Nasty Boys vs. Johnson & Bryant
Starr, West & Paul vs. Keith Erich, Rough & Ready
8/1/87 (Arena)
Jarrett & Travis vs. Diamond & Tanaka
Bill Dundee vs. The Clone
The Moondogs vs. Big Bubba & Goliath
Nasty Boys vs. Barnes & West
8/2/87 Jerry Lawler Show
Lawler & Johnson vs. Brickhouse Brown & Don Bass
Rocky Johnson vs. Keith Roberson
Jarrett & Travis vs. Nasty Boys
Jarrett & Travis vs. Diamond & Tanaka
Jarrett & Travis vs. Rough & Ready
Mitch Snow vs. Art Washington (AWA)
Don Bass vs. Jerry Bryant
Brickhouse Brown vs. John Paul
The Clone vs. Lou Winston
8/9/87 Jerry Lawler Show
Memphis #24 8/29-10/10/87 (2 discs)
Jarrett & Travis vs. Mike Davis & Tommy Lane
Diamond, Tanaka & Fergie vs. Jarrett, Travis &
Bill Dundee vs. George Barnes
Jerry Lawler vs. Don Bass
Don Bass vs. David Wilson
Wheel of Torture Segment
Jarrett & Travis vs. Fergie & Goliath
Don Bass vs. Greg Jones
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Nasty Boys
Davis & Lane vs. Paul & Mattox
Tracy Smothers vs. Keith Erich
Steve Armstrong debuts and Southern Boys formed
Nasty Boys vs. Davis & Lane
Big Bubba, Davis & Lane vs. Nasty Boys & Billy Travis
Diamond & Tanaka vs. Paul & Mattox
Evansville Dressing Room Brawl
Nasty Boys vs. Davis & Lane (Inc.)
Memphis #25 (2 Discs)
Nasty Boys vs. Mike Davis & Tommy Lane
Bobby Jagger vs. Ed Mattox
RPMs - Jarrett/Travis Confrontaion
Nasty Boys vs. Mike Davis & Tommy Lane
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Soldat Ustinov & Doug
Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee & Steve Keirn vs. Brickhouse
Brown, Carl Fergie & Don Bass
Nasty Boys, John Paul & Tracy Smothers vs. Don Bass, Carl
Fergie, Diamond & Tanaka
Hector Guerrero Hair Tonic Interview
Dr. Diablo vs. Jim Jameson
Jerry Lawler - Hector Guerrero Confrontation
Rockers vs. Assassins
Bobby Jaggers vs. Tracy Smothers
Billy Travis vs. Don Bass
Bobby Jaggers vs. Billy Travis
Bobby Jaggers vs. Ed Mattox
Hector Guerrero & Dr. Diablo vs. Jerry Bryant & Lou
Nasty Boys, Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Carl Fergie,
Don Bass & Diamond & Tanaka
Jerry Lawler vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (1986 Texas Death
Lawler & Dundee vs. Hayes & Gordy (1979)