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THIS LISTING IS FOR ALL 3 COMPLETE SERIES IN ENGLISH LANGUAGEyou get:HEADMASTERS, VICTORY AND MASTERFORCETHESE ARE DVDS FOR DVD PLAYERS AND NOT A DATA SETSUPER CHEAP FOR ALL 3 SERIESGOOD QUALITY AT A GREAT PRICE ALSO, HAVE THESE SETS BELOW AVAILABLE 1) Transformers Cybertron complete 52 episodes ENGLISH 7 dvds 2) Transformers Energon complete 51 episodes ENGLISH 6 dvds 4) Transformers Beast Wars complete ENGLISH 8 dvds 5) Transformers Beast Wars II complete Japanese (no subs) 8 dvds *** also have Beast Machines complete on 4 dvds (english)...make an offer *** also have Robots In Disguise complete(english)...make an offer also have Transformers original series complete in English on 19 dvds with movie for $32 shipping included DVDS SHIP SLEEVED, NO CASES OR ART NOT DATA SETS FOR YOUR COMPUTER, ALL SETS ARE DVDS FOR DVD PLAYERS $4 SHIPPING $6 SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL