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Condition Used
Duration N/A
Genre Rock
Import charges (Estimated And Based On Current Bid) To Be Provided At Checkout
Record grading Varies, and From Nice Condition To Exceptional
Record label Epic, Capitol, Liberty, and Etc.
Record size Lp And 45 Rpm
Release year 1966 68
Seller notes “items Average Very Nice Condition. Used Records Were Carefully Stored Since In My Possession The Sealed Lp'S Have Shrink Wrap But May Have An Edge Or Two Peeling. Previous Owners Appear To Have Cared For These Records As Well.”
Sleeve grading Varies, and Generally Excellent
Special attributes 1st Edition, Limited Edition, Live Recording, Promo, and White Label
Speed 33'S And 45'S
Style Britpop, Blues Rock, British Invasion, and Experimental Rock
Estimated Shipping 3 - 5 Days
Item Description
The Yardbirds - Jimmy Page era collection '66-'68

$1850. to North America (US) destinations...will ship to a few other countries, non
US buyers: please email me first, to discuss shipping costs PRIOR to ordering.

The Yardbirds - complete Jimmy Page era US LP's collection, '66 to '68 (with some
spectacular bonuses). Perfect for the Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page/Yardbirds collector
who is in the process of working on completing their Page/Yardbirds vinyl library.
There may be another item or 3 you can still search for after acquiring this collection,
but this will put you well on your way. While one may be able to acquire some of this
music on CD in the modern day, many music experts maintain that vinyl records are
a vastly superior listening experience (with a special focus on the mono mixes of
popular music from this era). CD's of music from the 60's may have used later
generation tapes than orig. records, and the stereo mixes made were often done
using a horribly flawed "re-channeling" method. The downsides of the vinyl music
medium are the fragile nature of vinyl: it has to be handled more carefully, one has
to have a turntable, obviously - plus vinyl (and album covers) are more vulnerable
to wear, scratches, surface noise, etc. However - if you have followed the body
of work created by The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy will know the
value of a collection like this.

This is a goldmine consisting of rare mono versions, still sealed copies, non LP
tracks, promotional copies, hard-to-find gems...not the sort of collection that comes
on the market very often + some exceptional bonuses. As nearly 50 year old
records they show normal wear from storage, but are otherwise in very nice shape
and could be very welcome additions to your collection. I am open to shipping
outside of the US (see terms below) - collection is being sold as is, no returns.

Records are sight-graded and play-tested - and have been handled very carefully
since in my care, as items of value. Please note, these records are being sold for
their collectible worth & should be stored carefully as a collection - not intended
for casual use. I myself would think they should perhaps be considered investments,
and I would expect them to gain value over time, if cared for properly. As each day
goes by, fewer of these items will turn up in the marketplace. I do not use terms
or the descriptions used by "Goldmine" or official record collector circles, as I
am not a professional record grader. They were the best possible copies I could
find, and as a vinyl enthusiast (not expert) - I have to simply use my impressions
to describe them, provide the best photos I can, and I suggest a buyer keeps in mind
that they are buying used records that are not advertised as in pristine or mint
condition (even in the case of selling a "sealed" copy...not knowing what the item
looks like on the inside, I cannot verify anything beyond the fact that it is sealed).
I have bought records on ebay advertised as "mint" that were clearly not - please
examine the photos, ask any questions you like beforehand - and keep in mind
that records this old cannot be pristine... but...they have been very good for my
purposes as a collector, and compete nicely, condition-wise, with any in circulation.

This is not an inexpensive acquisition for a buyer, so I cannot stress enough that I
prefer you *contact me before bidding, even if you have NO questions whatsoever*.
If you are serious about acquiring this collection, I want to confirm that you know
every possible detail on all the items in this collection, and if you are not a US based
buyer - the shipping costs & estimated delivery date. Items are being shipped from
the Big Island of Hawaii, which means that - that no matter where it it is shipped to
(unless you also live on the Big Island of Hawaii), it will be crossing an ocean. As this
is a considerable investment on your part and also represents a considerable initial
investment on my part...I ask that you contact me before bidding and we can both
be 100% clear about every detail of every item.

Records included in this collection:

1) "The Yardbirds Greatest Hits" 1967 Epic Records LN 24246, their first recording
with Jimmy Page is found here, the astounding single "Happenings Ten Years Time
Ago" that featured both Page and Jeff Beck on dual lead guitars. This is the
vastly superior MONO copy, cover and vinyl show some wear but are basically
both in nice shape.

2) "Blow Up - Original Movie Soundtrack" 1967 MGM Records, E4447 ST, rare
STILL SEALED copy, MONO version. Most of the LP is Herbie Hancock, the
one Yardbirds moment is a devastating re-worked version of "Train Kept a Rollin"
(re-titled "Stroll On") with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck on dual lead guitars. I am also
including an open copy of this LP for the your sealed copy of the LP
can remain sealed. Used/open copy is in very nice shape, the shrink wrap copy is
peeling away slightly in a spot or two, see photos (the mono versions of the Herbie
Hancock songs are longer mixes than the stereo release of this LP, as an aside).

3) "Little Games" 1967 Epic Records LN24313, their 1st/only full length original studio
LP with Jimmy Page. Extremely rare WHITE LABEL PROMO, and is genuine mono
(Epic Records released a *ton* of misprinted covers on this LP - Stereo copies in
Mono sleeves. Expert Yardbirds collectors have long theorized that the only way to be
certain you have a mono copy is to get this hard-to-find version, as is discussed in
detail at of the scarce radio station version of this
LP seldom come on the market - vinyl is extremely clean, as is label - cover shows
normal wear but is still pretty good (see photo)

4) "Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page" 1971 Epic Records E-30615. Very Rare,
recorded live in NYC in March of 1968, released by Epic to take advantage of Led
Zeppelin's popularity at the time. Roaring performances of many Yardbirds classics +
later Led Zeppelin show-stoppers like "Dazed & Confused" (titled "I'm Confused")
and "White Summer" (which later setup "Black Mountain Side" and "Kashmir"). Cover
& vinyl both in extremely nice shape (a few inches of seam separation on the bottom,
can be very easily repaired). This is a promotional copy with the timing strip on front

5) "Last Rave-Up in L.A." STILL SEALED, numbered copy, 112 out of 500. Rare bootleg
of their last shows in Los Angeles, at the Shrine Auditorium, May 30th-June 1st 1968.
(shrink wrap is peeling away slightly in a spot or two, see photos). Very few of these
on the market these days - even fewer are still sealed!

...and now, on to some 45's:

"Happening Ten Years Time Ago"/"Psycho Daises" Capitol Records 1966. Rare Canadian
version of this release - the A side is Jimmy's Yardbirds debut, and the B side has a Jeff
Beck vocal and features Page in his original role with the band on bass. There is some
visible wear (minor, in my opinion) on the vinyl but is very good otherwise.

"Goodnight Sweet Josephine"/"Think About It" Epic Records 5-10303 (1968). The Yardbirds'
final release, and the B side is where the real magic is on this record. Credited exclusively to
Jimmy Page as the writer, the fiery guitar solo turned up later in Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and
Confused" - this was a non LP track, but truly one of the great moments for the band. Very
rare WHITE LABEL PROMO copy...also in really great condition.

"Hi Ho Silver Lining"/"Beck's Bolero" Epic Records 5-10157 (date stamped label is 1967)
Technically not The Yardbirds, it was recorded while Jeff Beck was still in the band and
Jimmy Page (and John Paul Jones, Keith Moon, and Nicky Hopkins) played on it. This is a
rare WHITE LABEL PROMO copy...and is in very nice condition. For more details on this
item, check out:'s_Bolero

...and to make things even more interesting, this collection includes:

P.J. Proby "Three Week Hero" LP (Liberty 83219). The very first studio sessions featuring
all four members of Led Zeppelin, backing American R&B singer PJ Proby. Highly collectible,
not easy to find in such nice shape (cover has a crease, see pictures, vinyl is nice)...PLUS the
45 released to promote the album, “The Day That Lorraine Came Down”/“Mary Hopkins Never
Had Days Like These”. The B side was not on the Three Week Hero album. On this track, which
sounds largely improvised in the studio, Proby calls the players out by name. Recorded in August
of 1968, Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham (still then known as The New Yardbirds) are heard here
working out what would later be their version of "You Shook Me" on Zeppelin's debut LP, on a track
called "Jim's Blues". More detailed info on this item can be found here:



Shipping Details:

1) I can use USPS or Federal Express to be certain of cost effective/quick delivery to you
(non US customers, see item 3). Insurance/tracking is included in the final shipping costs.
I am open to discussion re: shipping methods, as a collection of considerable value - you
and I both will want to use the best possible service, while being mindful of costs as well.
If you prefer FedEx shipping, email me beforehand and we'll see if we can work that out.
Additional USPS shipping insurance cost is the reason for the $50. handling charge - but
FedEx will cost a bit more, I suspect.

2) Will ship within 3 business days from Paypal payment being received and verified, to
the continental US (or Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands).

3) Shipping charges to non US addresses will be higher - e-mail me prior to bidding/ordering
to determine *if* the additional charges for postage, insurance, etc. will be agreeable.
Certain countries have known problems with their postal services, and on case-by-case
basis, alternatives like FedEx, UPS, DHL may be used. Again...if you are outside the US
we must discuss shipping terms prior to confirming a sale of this item. I would prefer not
having to charge extra for handling in these cases, but due to postal service requirements
& limitations, additional "shipping merchandise" fees, extra paperwork, communication
problems between postal services in various countries, etc. the only other option I have
is to not ship outside the US at all. Because of the widely known non-delivery problems in
several countries, a buyer needs to be aware that there is considerably more risk involved
in this type of delivery situation. If I have not listed your country as a shipping destination,
the chances are good that I will not consider shipping there (Greece is a good example - I
have had bad experiences with order being placed on ebay, by customers from Greece).
Email if you are not in the US, and we'll see.

I carefully pack items to arrive in good shape & recycle shipping materials
when possible. Seller not responsible for HTML issues, misunderstandings due
to language barriers, typos, misprints, grammar, misquotes, any and all other
errors. Information may have been culled from online sources like forums, blogs,
or wikipedia. Items can only be said to have been confirmed, verified &
authenticated to the best of my (informed collector but non expert) ability.