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The Royal Complete Series 1 - 8 Wendy Craig
A dedicated staff of doctors and nurses care for patients at the fictional St. Aidan's Royal Free Hospital in the seaside town of Elsinby in this spin-off of the popular British show `Heartbeat'. Set in the 1960s, the series focuses on the medical issues faced by patients and the moral dilemmas those emergencies bring about.

The Royal is a spin off from the TV series Heartbeat. It is based in a hospital in Whitby, and follows the goings on of the staff, nurses doctors and porters.

Denis Lill
Wendy Craig
Michelle Hardwick
Robert Daws
Andy Wear
Linda Armstrong
Amy Robbins
Glynis Barber
Gareth Hale
Neil McDermott
Diana May
Lauren Drummond

Season 1

01 First Impressions
02 Second Time Around
03 Coffin Fit
04 Sister of Mercy
05 Immediate Care
06 Kiss and Tell
07 Crash

Season 2

08 All at Sea
09 Snakes and Ladders
10 Thicker Than Water
11 Wishing and Hoping
12 One of Those Days
13 The Last Waltz

Season 3

14 The Unbreakable Chain
15 If Not for You
16 Doing the Rounds
17 Consequences
18 Poison
19 Famous for a Day
20 Skin Deep

21 Cliffhanger
22 All the Fun of the Fair
23 Holding on Tight
24 For Those in Peril
25 Reckoning
26 Doing Time
27 Home to Roost

Season 4

28 For Better for Worse
29 Beggars and Choosers
30 No Room for Ravers
31 The Rose Queen
32 It's What's on the Inside That Counts
33 Duty Bound

34 Sins of the Father
35 Everybody Needs Somebody
36 Say a Little Prayer
37 The Way We Were
38 Sinking Feeling
39 While the Cat's Away

Season 5

40 Loved and Lost
41 Cometh The Hour Cometh The Man
42 Thinking Too Hard
43 Seeking Refuge
44 Fever
45 Letting Go

46 Love Is All You Need
47 Waifs and Strays
48 Winners and Loser
49 Price of Progress
50 Keep On Running
51 From This Day Forward

Season 6

52 Absent Friends
53 Home And Dry
54 Hoping For The Best
55 Fear Of The Expected
56 Dr Who?
57 Cursed & Blessed

58 Starting Over
59 Coming To The Boil
60 Scabs
61 Laura
62 Can't Buy Me Love
63 Love & Loss

Season 7

64 Against All Odds
65 On the Road
66 Blood's Thicker Than Water
67 Slings and Arrows
68 To Love and Lose
69 Stolen Dreams

70 Home From The Hill
71 Pastures New
72 Busman's Holiday
73 In the Air
74 Best of Intentions
75 Compromising Positions

Season 8

76 Safe As Houses
77 Counting Chickens
78 These Foolish Things
79 Any Old Iron
80 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
81 Please Release Me

82 Tutti Fruitti
83 Manoeuvres
84 Dead Air
85 A Hero for Our Time
86 Below the Surface
87 The Enemy Within
Format: DVDR
Encoded :PAL or NTSC
Sourced: TV
Region: Free
Country: UK
Language: English
Runtime : 87 x 50mins
Air Date : 2003-2011
Filming Locations: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
Supplied Protective sleeves Artwork to Disc(S)