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"Comfortable New York suburbanites Arthur and Gerrie Mason discover one night that their seemingly perfect 16-year old daughter, Maxie, has been tripping on LSD. Arthur, a smug, bullying braggart, suspects his 17-year old (long-haired) son Artie of supplying the drug to his sister and immediately kicks him out of the house. Whereupon (suitably) confused Gerrie runs next door to seek advice from high school principal David whose wife, Tina, is an alcoholic and whose son Sandy has his own problems. Very sensibly, he advises love and understanding on the part of the parents, which all but goes out the window when Maxie confesses she's been tripping for quite a while now and is also sexually active and on the pill."

Eli Wallach
Julie Harris
Deborah Winters
Stephen McHattie
Hal Holbrook
Cloris Leachman
Don Scardino
Rue McClanahan

picture: 8/10

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