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The Path to 9/11 UNCUT 4:39 running time +Blocking the Path to 911 DVD set
Includes previously unaired scenes.
This 2 DVD set comes in a case with full artwork.

The film was controversial for its alleged misrepresentation of events and people and required last-minute editing before being broadcast in the U.S.
This is NOT the heavily edited version and includes unaired scenes that were previously edited out.

The Path to 911 movie has a Quality of 8+ of 10 Very Good Quality.
This is the best quality you can find for the Uncut Version.
No version of this movie was released to the public and is still being blocked and banned to this day.

The total time of of the edited version (the one that ran on TV) was 4 hours (240 minutes).
The total time of this unedited version (this DVD) is 4:39 (279 minutes).

The documentary "Blocking the Path to 911 - Anatomy of a Smear" has a 10 of 10 quality,
and goes into the controversy that caused the censorship and banning of this movie.
Running time: 93 minutes.

Blocking The Path to 9/11:
With Blocking the Path to 9/11, Citizens United Productions exposes the amazing untold story behind the public firestorm surrounding The Path to 9/11. It presents courageous interviews with the original film's writer/producer, director, and editors, as well as numerous terrorism experts and the head of the 9/11 Commission. This documentary sets the historical record straight with explosive new revelations. For all those who seek the truth about 9/11 and want to learn the real story behind this shocking saga, Blocking the Path to 9/11 is required viewing. Runtime: 93 minutes.
Jeffrey Ressner of The Politico, wrote Blocking 'The Path to 9/11 mirrored The Path to 9/11 because it "raises even more questions and adds its own set of disconnected dots to this broadcasting dilemma"

The Path to 9/11:
This is the movie that caused all of the recent press uproar, and had President Clinton, Madeline Albright, and others considering litigation against ABC.
This unedited version does contain the fictitious scenes of the Clinton administration, including Albright, refusing to move on Bin Laden.

Harvey Keitel.... John P. O'Neill (FBI Special Agent, Terrorism, and subsequently Head of Security at WTC)
Donnie Wahlberg.... Kirk (Composite CIA field agent)
Mido Hamada.... Ahmad Shah Massoud (Afghan opposition leader against the Taliban)
Stephen Root.... Richard Clarke
Barclay Hope.... John Miller
Frank John Hughes...Bill Miller[disambiguation needed] ( DSS Special Agent, Regional Security Officer U.S. Embassy Islamabad)
Patricia Heaton.... Barbara Bodine (U.S. Ambassador to Yemen)
Shirley Douglas.... Madeleine Albright (U.S. Secretary of State)
Margaret Long....(Secretary to the President)
Penny Johnson Jerald.... Condoleezza Rice (U.S. National Security Advisor) {reprising her role from DC 9/11: Time of Crisis}
Dan Lauria .... George Tenet (Director of Central Intelligence)
Amy Madigan.... Patricia Carver (Composite CIA headquarters analyst)
Michael Murphy.... William Cohen
Trevor White.... Scott Ramer
William Sadler.... Neil Herman
Shaun Toub.... Emad Salem
Stephanie Moore.... Deanna Burnett
Michael Benyaer.... Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
Martin Brody.... Mohamed Atta (9/11 leader, piloted American Airlines Flight 11 after the hijacking)
Nayef Rashed.... Ayman al-Zawahiri (Al Qaeda leader)
Fulvio Cecere.... Joe Dunne
Marie V. Cruz.... Aida Fariscal
David Zayas....Lou Napoli
David Huband.... Charley
Kevin Dunn.... Sandy Berger (U.S. National Security Advisor)
Nabil Elouahabi.... Ramzi Yousef (World Trade Center bomber)
Enis Esmer.... Mohammed Salameh
Moe Fawaz.... Majed Moqed
Akin Gazi.... Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali
Youssef Kerkour....Mahmud Abouhalima
Sam Lupovich.... Khalid al-Midhar
David Michie.... Nicholas Lanier (composite ABC Middle East correspondent)
Hani Noureldin.... Nawaf Al-Hazmi
Armando Riesco.... John Atkinson
Neil Crone.... Dorsey
George R. Robertson.... Dick Cheney (Vice President)
Al Sapienza.... Donald Sadowy
Katy Selverstone.... Nancy Floyd
Jean Yoon.... Betty Ong (Flight Attendant)
Gabe Fazio....J.P. O'Neill (Son of John O'Neill)
Nicky Guadagni.... Mary Jo White