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All 58 Episodes on an 11 DVD set
Season I

01.The Royal Flush
02.Monkee See, Monkee Die
03.Monkee vs. Machine
04.Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers
05.The Spy Who Came in From the Cool
06.The Success Story
07.The Monkees in a Ghost Town
08.Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
09.The Chaperone
10.The Monkees
11.Monkees a'La Carte
12.I've Got a Little Song Here
13.One Man Shy
14.Dance, Monkees, Dance
15.Too Many Girls
16.The Son of a Gypsy
17.The Case of the Missing Monkee
18.I Was a Teenage Monster
19.Find the Monkees
20.The Monkees in the Ring
21.The Prince and the Paupers
22.The Monkees at the Circus
23.Captain Crocodile
24.Monkees a'La Mode
25.Alias Micky Dolenz
26.Monkees Chow Mein
27.Monkee Mother
28.The Monkees on the Line
29.The Monkees Get Out More Dirt
30.The Monkees in Manhattan
31.The Monkees at the Movies
32.The Monkees on Tour

Season II

33.A Nice Place to Visit
34.The Picture Frame
35.Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik
36.Monkee Mayor
37.Art for Monkees' Sake
38.I Was A 99-lb. Weakling
39.Hillbilly Honeymoon
40.Monkees Marooned
41.The Card Carrying Red Shoes
42.Wild Monkees
43.A Coffin Too Frequent
44.Hitting the High Seas
45.Monkees in Texas
46.Monkees on the Wheel
47.The Christmas Show
48.Fairy Tale
49.Monkees Watch Their Feet
50.Monstrous Monkee Mash
51.Monkees Paw
52.The Devil and Peter Tork
53.Monkees Race Again
54.Monkees in Paris
55.Monkees Mind Their Manor
56.Some Like it Lukewarm
57.Monkees Blow Their Minds
These are the 11 dvd's only - no cases