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Three-part British mini series
Based on the novel by Nigel Slater.
Made by BBC Scotland (1981)
Producer Bob McIntosh
Director Robert Young
Music by Philip Sawyer

Richard Heffer as Michael Hilliard
Barbara Kellerman as Dr. Ann Maitland
Richard Morant as Johnny Dalry

Ed Bishop as Tom Siegler
Valerie Holliman as Norma Siegler
Debbi Blythe as Jane Stoddard
Vivienne Dixon as Siegler's secretary
Plot Summary

When a pet cat affected by rabies is smuggled into Great
Britain, the spread of the disease amongst the animal population
goes undetected - until the first human, Tom Siegler, falls victim
to the terrible Mad Death.
Michael Hilliard and Ann Maitland combine forces to fight the
disease : Hilliard moves quickly to contain the rabies outbreak
inside the infected area, while Ann Maitland attempts to trace the
source of the virus in order to save others the agonising death she
has seen Tom Siegler suffer.
A deliberate act of sabotage by an 'animal lover' who frees
her dogs from the place they were being contained jeopardises the
containment of the rabies outbreak. Hilliard's life is threatened
as he attempts to control the new danger and Ann's human concern
leads her into danger too.
Unreleased on DVD, this collection of 3 55 minute dramas is
British TV at it's best. Gripping storylines couple with moments of
horror to provide almost 3 hours of top quality entertainment.
This fan produced DVD contains the 3 episodes taken direct from
a TV source and collected on a top quality DVDR and comes supplied
in a syandard DVD case complete with custom artwork in the form of
a glossy cover and printed disc.

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perfectly on any DVD player purchased within the last 5 years.
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