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"Anders Grafstrom committed his experimental film THE LONG ISLAND FOUR to 8mm. Somehow, the grainy, unstable film stock is ideally suited to his shadowy, sub-rosa story material. The plot, based on fact, concerns four Nazi saboteurs who have come ashore in Long Island in 1942. At first dedicated to their sabotage mission, the foursome is seduced by the charms of New York at night. THE LONG ISLAND FOUR garnered a great deal of film-festival adulation; alas, most of it came too late for Anders Grafstrom, who died not long after the film's completion."

David McDermott
Kristian Hoffman
Lance Loud
Bradley Field
Klaus Nomi
Tina L'Hotsky
Eric Mitchell
Patti Astor
Gedde Watanabe

picture: 8/10

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