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Title: 대왕 세종 (大王世宗) / Dae Wang Sejong
Also known as: The Great King Sejong / King Sejong / Sejong the Great
Genre: Historical Episodes: 86
Broadcast network: KBS1 (ep.1-26), KBS2 (ep.27-86)
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-05 to 2008-Nov-16
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:30

This drama is about the life of the fourth king of the Choson Dynasty, King Sejong. He is best remembered for creating the native Korean alphabet, Hangul.


Kim Sang Kyung as King Sejong
Lee Hyun Woo as Prince Choong Nyeong (later Sejong)
Kim Young Chul as King Taejong
Choi Myung Gil as Queen Won Kyeong (Sejong's mother)
Lee Yoon Ji as Queen So Heon
Nam Ji Hyun as young Princess Shim (later Queen So Heon)
Park Sang Min as Prince Yang Nyeong
Lee Joon as teenage Prince Yang Nyeong
Lee Chun Hee as Jang Yeong Sil

Extended Cast

Lee Jung Hyun as Yi Sun
Kim Gab Soo as Hwang Hee
Jung Dong Hwan as Jo Mal Saeng
Lee Dae Yeon as Choi Hae San
Jun Hyun as Lee Chun
Choi Jong Won as Ha Ryoon
Hwang Bum Sik as No Hee Bong
Park Young Ji as Park Eun
Jung Heung Chae as Kang Sang In
Lee Sung Min as Choi Man Ri
Kim Jin Kook (김진국) as Kang Yoo
Choi Sang Hoon as Sim On
Lee Jin Woo as Jung In Ji
Lee Won Jong as Yoon Hwa
Park Kwi Soon as No Bun
Yoon Gi Won as Eom Ja Chi
Moon Chun Sik as Jeon Il Ji
Jo Jae Wan as Jang Won
Kim Ha Kyoon as Heo Jo
Kim Eung Soo as Min Moo Goo
Lee Kyung Young as Min Moo Jil
Lee Woo Suk as Min Moo Hoe
Kim Hyung Il as Min Moo Hyul
Kim Young Ki as Byun Kye Ryang
Lee Byung Wook as Kim Jong Suh
Choi Joo Bong as Kim Han Ro
Yoon Young Joon as Prince Kyung Nyung (Hyo Bin's son)
Kim Sung Ryung as Hyo Bin
No Young Kook as Sang Wang
Lee Dal Hyung as Shin Jang
Sung Min as Prince Hyo Ryung (Queen Won Kyung's second son)
Yoo Tae Woong as young Prince Hyo Ryung
Kim Joo Young as Lee Seok Boon
Park Sang Jo as Lee Jong Moo
Park Yong Soo as Han Yeong Ro
Baek Seung Do (백승도) as Prince Seong Nyeong
Yeo Min Joo as Crown Princess Bang / Lady Bang
Kang Han Byul (강한별) as young Prince An Pyeong
Choi Min Ho (최민호) as young Prince Soo Yang
Lee Sang Yeob as young Prince Moon Jong
Min Ji as Dam Eeh
Hwang Jung Won (황정원) as young Dam Eeh
Joo Da Young as Princess Jeong So
Lee Joo Hyun (이주현) as Princess Jung Eeh
Yoo Seo Jin as Se Ja Bin (Prince Yang Nyeong's wife)
No Young Gook (노영국) as Jeong Jong
Kang Kyung Hun as Cho Koong Jang (King Ahn's consort)
Go In Bum as Hwang Eom (ambassador from Ming China)
Jung Eun Pyo as No Bi
Jo Sung Ha as Lee Soo (Choong Nyeong's teacher)
Ha Yong Jin as Hae Soo / Chinese envoy
Jung Ui Gap as Moo Bi
Baek Dong Hyun (백동현) as Bang Pyung Sool
Kim Myung Gon (김명곤) as Ok Hwan
Oh Yeon Seo as Eori
Yoon Se Ah as Lady Hye Bin / Yang ssi
Jung Yoo Mi as Da Yeon
Kim Byung Choon as Jang Chil Sang (Military department's minor official)
Kim Ji Young as old lady
Kim Bo Mi as court lady
Kwon Se In as Shin Sook Joo
Min Joon Hyun as government official
Seol Ji Yoon as retired gisaeng, Choon Wol
Kim Jin Seong
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