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The Flash is an American television series that starred John Wesley Shipp as the superhero, the Flash
The series' pilot episode features an accident in which Central City Police forensic scientist Barry Allen's (Shipp) crime lab is struck by lightning. Allen's electrified body is flung into and shatters a cabinet of chemicals, which are both electrified and forced to interact with each other and with his physiology when they come into physical contact with his body. He soon discovers, with the help of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Tina McGee, that the accident has changed his body's metabolism and as a result he has gained the ability to move at superhuman speed. To avenge the murder of his brother, motorcycle police officer Jay .Barry demands that Tina modify a red S.T.A.R. Labs prototype deep sea diving suit, designed to withstand tremendous pressures, into his costume, to which she reluctantly complies. Thus, Barry Allen becomes the Flash

The show originally aired from September 20, 1990 to May 18, 1991 on CBS.

This is the complete series on 6 DVD-R discs. Has excellent quality & sound. There are no commercials and the discs come with menus for easy navigation.
Set ships in paper sleeves with delivery confirmation and has no artwork
1. Pilot
2. Out of Control
3. Watching the Detectives
4. Honor Among Thieves
5. Double Vision
6. Sins of the Father
7. Child's Play

8. Shroud of Death
9. Ghost in the Machine
10. Sight Unseen
11. Beat the Clock
12. The Trickster
13. Tina, Is That You?
14. Be My Baby
15. Fast Forward
16. Deadly Nightshade
17. Captain Cold
18. Twin Streaks
19. Done with Mirrors

20. Good Night, Central City
21. Alpha
22. The Trial of the Trickster