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"Natalie Wood stars as alcoholic Cleveland housewife Cassie Barrett, who after attempting suicide is shipped off by her family to a psychiatric ward. It's not the first time Cassie has been in 'the cracker factory', but the doctors continue to hope that she'll eventually learn to grasp reality and stop hiding behind her boozing and blustering facade. As before, Cassie resists the trappings of normality; this time, however, she may end up in the 'factory' to stay if she doesn't at least try to help herself. Alternating sombre tragedy with moments of raucous comedy, THE CRACKER FACTORY is an outstanding tour de force for Natalie Wood."

Natalie Wood
Perry King
Peter Haskell
Shelley Long
Vivian Blaine
Marian Mercer
Juliet Mills

picture: 8/10

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