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Each episode is introduced and concluded by a mysterious wanderer known only as "The Hitchhiker," and explores the foibles of humanity and its dark spirit. The Hitchhiker won eight ACE Awards and became the highest-ranking series on pay television.

The Hitchhiker was initially on HBO in 1983 until the show was sold to USA where it stayed on the air until 1991.
The first actor to play the Hitchhiker was Nicholas Campbell but after 3 episodes he was replaced by Page Fletcher. For syndication purposes, the first two episodes were re-shot in 1996 to have it appear as if Fletcher had
always been the hitchhiker. For some reason, the third episode, Split Decision, was left "as is" and only has Campbell as the Hitchhiker.

I offer to you, the Complete Hitchhiker collection. Our extra disc (disc 22) contains the alternate episodes "Shattered Vows" and "When Morning Comes" along with a tv promo, bumper and both Hitchhiker openings with Campbell and Fletcher. If you are an extreme collector -- this set is for you! This is all 85 episodes, bonus extras, and the 2 rare variant episodes ... no one else on I-Offer is offering the variant episodes!

***NOTE: I recently had to change Disc 11 in my set to repair one of the episodes. The episodes are still there however there are no chapter selections for each episodes (just on this disc).

I grade the picture quality as an A (DVD level) and B (laserdisc/vhs level).
The pictures above are taken right from my copy of the film.


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