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This is the complete 15 part series on 4 DVDs, hosted and narrated by Peter Jennings.
Running time: 700 minutes.
This set comes in a case with artwork.
It is a region free dvd-r set that looks to be a tape transfer to dvd. This is the only dvd format available.
A\V is 8+of 10. Very Good Quality.
It has full menus so you can pick out each episode individually, or episodescan be played through automatically.

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The Century: America's Time is a 15-part series of documentaries produced by the American Broadcasting Company on the 20th century and the rise of the United States as a superpower. The documentary originally aired on The History Channel in 1999. The narrator of both series was Peter Jennings, anchor from ABC World News Tonight .

Along with distinguished journalist Todd Brewster, Jennings co-authored a book titled The Century which became a national bestseller. This series is part of the History Channel's "Cable in The Classroom" curriculum and the study guides for each episode can be found on their website, under the letter "C".

Disc 1
01) The Beginning: Seeds Of Change
02) 1914-1919 Shell Shock
03) 1920-1929 Boom To Bust
04) 1929-1936 Stormy Weather
05) 1936-1941 Over the Edge
Disc 2
06) 1941-1945 Civilians At War (2 Parts)
07) 1941-1945 Homefront
08) 1946-1952 Best Years
Disc 3
09) 1953-1960 Happy Days
10) 1960-1964 Poisoned Dreams
11) 1965-1970 Unpinned
12) 1971-1975 Approaching the Apocalypse
13) 1976-1980 Starting Over
Disc 4
14) 1981-1989 A New World
15) 1990-1999 Then and Now