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The Catherine Cookson collection 26 Disc Set
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Catherine Cookson was born Catherine McMullen in 1906. Her life began in poverty and she grew up believing her real mother was her sister. In a life that could have been taken from any of her own novels, Catherine aspired to achieve more than many of her time.

From poverty to wealth she left the sadness behind to start a new life in Hastings where she was to meet her husband Tom Cookson. As a form of therapy, Catherine began to write and never stopped and became one of the world's best selling authors.

The Moth
The Black Velvet Gown
The Black Candle
The Secret
The Mallen Streak
The Mallen Girls
The Mallen Secret
The Mallen Curse
The Girl
The Fifteen Streets
The Rag Nymph
The Wingless Bird
The Dwelling Place
The Glass Virgin
Tilly Trotter
The Storyteller
The Cinder Path
The Man Who Cried
The Round Tower
The Tide of Life
Colour Blind
A Dinner of Herbs – Part 1 & 2
The Gambling Man

* Rooney * Extremely Rare
* Jacquline * Extremely Rare

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