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Eleven years separate these two recordings of The Blue Nile
- the Glastonbury Festival (27th June 1997) and Somerset House,
London (13th July 2008). We filmed both shows ourselves and
therefore can offer you the best quality versions anywhere. The
newer show was unfortunately cut short at the hour mark by a
malfunctioning camcorder, whilst the hour-long festival show is
complete. In both cases the picture and sound quality are
excellent, the view mainly clear (totally clear and super-close in
the case of Glastonbury) and the filming hand-held steady. Check
the actual stills on the DVD cover for a better idea. The top line of images
is from 2008, the bottom row from 1997. Your copy comes with glossy
label and deluxe box with the cover shown. I've had many happy
customers for this!!
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