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David Keith both
directs and stars in this Sri Lanka-filmed adventure spoof. Taking
equal portions of "Indiana Jones,"
King Solomon's Mines
The Macomber Affair,
the film finds Keith playing Buck Malone, a mercenary hunter,
headquartered in Borneo. Hired to guide a cotton-witted married
couple through the wilderness, Malone falls in love with the wife
(former Playboy foldout
Kathy Shower) Appears
Nude, while hubby (
Brant van Hoffman)
walks around in a perpetual daze. The film ventures into
John &
Bo Derek territory
when the intrepid trio cross the path of erotically-inclined
Further Adventures of
Tennesse Buck isn't exactly rocket science, but it's immensely
enjoyable on a low-comedy level. ~ Hal Erickson This is a Dvd+R
comes in a Papersleeve Envelope & Ships in a Bubble-Mailer
Envelope.(1st Class).