Item Description
Features:Professional tattoo stencil transfer paper.Use this to transfer your flash to the skin.With good transfering effect.Easy and convenient to use.4 layers.Can be used with thermal copier machineDescription:Size:app34cm (length)X20.8cm(width)Weight: about 9.3gPreparing the master:1)Insert any "faxable" original copy -face up- between the polyester carbon sheet and the backing sheet-making sure the original is all the way to the perforation.2)Remove interieaving tissue.3)The unit is now ready for exposure in a thermal processing machine. Exposing the master:1)Set thermalprocessing machine initially at mid-range exposure level and adjust for optimum imaging quality .Sustained use of a thermal processing machine may require subsequent adjustments.2)Insert thermal master unit into processing machine with stub edge first and master paper up.3)Starting at a corner slowly peel master paper from carbon sheet.For best results separate as soon as possible.4)Detach master paper from unit at the stub perforation.5)The thermal master unit is now ready for duplicating.Package Included:1 X tattoo stencil transfer paper