Item Description
This item is tattoo machine which is convenient to use. It will will be a great helper for you to get beautiful or cool tattoo pattern.Features: * Dual coil tattoo machine shader liner * Easier to use, more sanitary and less painful for the person being tattooed than tattoo guns * Modern design in shape, providing tactile impression * Well treated quality and low vibration metal frame * Can be set for shading and lining, providing more convenient use * Operates with steady performance Specification: * Coils: 8 wraps (dual core) * Speed: Around 2503 r/m * Starting voltage: 3V * Operating voltage: 6 to 8V * Ink: 12 colors / 10 ml * Material: Stamping carbon steel * Size (L x W x H): Approx. 3.3 x 1.2 x 3.03 inch, 3.22 x 1.2 x 2.95 inch * Color: As shown in the picture Package included: 1* B4004-3 Tattoo machine 1* B4004-5 Tattoo machine 1* F320-4F Medium black aluminum handle 1* F320-4F Medium silvery aluminum handle 1* E101-3RT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-5RT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-7RT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-9RT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-5FT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-7FT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-9FT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* E101-11FT Stainless steel needle mouth 1* GY010 Red mini power source 1* G3005 American power cord 1* G1005 Mini pedal 1* G2006-4 Black line-4 1* C810A-12 12-Color Tattoo ink kit 50* DT0001 Tattoo needles (Random model) 1* I3007 Practice piece of tiger pattern 1* I2014-1 Disposable gloves 1* I2013 Needle mouth brush 1* I2019 Tattoo lamp 1* I2020 Disposable three-layer razor 1* I2002-1 Tattoo ink cup holder (Black) 50* I2008 Medium ink cups 50* I2009 Small ink cups 50* J50006 Color rubber rings 50* J50003 Pincushion 50* J50004 Shockproof circle 2* J40004 Handles 1* J50007 Tool kit39187