Item Description
This is a DVD of "Steve  Allen in Movieland" from July
2,1955.  Steve makes his way to Hollywood to start the filming
of "The Benny Goodman Story".  The special is a mixture of
behind the scenes at a movie studio, musical & dance numbers,
dramatic sketches.  Guests are Benny Goodman, Audie Murphy,
Jeff Chandler, Patricia Crowley, Piper
Laurie,          Stan
Getz, Clint Eastwood, Teddy Wilson, Gene Krupa.  Runs 80
minutes.  POSTAL RATE INCREASED JANUARY 17. POSTAGE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. IS NOW $10 EXTRA. But there will be no additional postage for multiple purchases. Postage for the U.S. is $3.00.
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