Item Description
This is a Security Camera Realistic Looking Surveillance Camera with Flashlight LED, powered by solar energy or external batteries. It is good to deter robbery, theft, and vandalism, protect your private property well. You don't need to spend much more money on a real security camera. It is easy to install and do well for you. Add a warning sign and the baddies will never know the difference. Features:
* Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
* Motion detector, sensor makes it appear to work as an actual security camera
* With LED light
* With movable protective cover case* Realistic appearance * No wiring needed * Powered by 2xAA batteries or solar energy * 360-degree rotation * Color: Milky * Material: Hard molded ABS plastic * Item Size: 21.5cmx9.2cmx20.3cm(Vertical Height) Package includes: 1 x Realistic Looking Security Camera 1 x Bag of Screws 1 x Sticker62112