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Skatetown U.S.A. (1979)--Incredible roller disco teen exploitation film with an equally outrageous cast: Scott "Happy Days" Baio, Maureen "Brady Bunch" McCormick, Ron "Welcome Back Kotter" Pallilo, Patrick Swayze's debut, Flip Wilson, the late Dorothy Stratton, little Billy Barty, Ruth Buzzi, Avery Schrieber, The Unknown Comic and many more. Fantastic soundtrack, roller skating and '70s vibe. INCLUDES: original theatrical trailer and the trailer to the equally awesome "Roller Boogie" plus incredible classroom short film "Hot Wheels" (1979). Kids spend time at the local roller rink while discussing plans to pick up chicks and score booze. After boosting a car things things go down hill in educational film fashion resulting in tragedy. Excellent little film with top soundtrack provided by Bob Seager.

DVD-R is excellent quality and comes with full-sleeve color artwork front and back, traditional DVD case and is Region 0 (will play on any DVD player). Feel free to ask for DVD-R in paper sleeve for a cheaper rate.

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