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Vintage Knitting Crochet Patterns Book
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Beehive Series No. 55, c 1940s, 29 pages

Fifteen lovely shawls; 12 to knit and 3 to crochet, all worked in 2 and 3-ply fingering yarn. Use them for babies or for yourself; dress up your wardrobe or give as gifts.

Heirloom with Rose Medallions and Rose Petal Border
- 100 years old. - 44 x 44 inches
Shetland Isles Shawls with Vandyke Lace Border
- 100 years old. - 48 x 48 inches
Raised Leaf Lace Border Circular Shawl
- 100 years old - 48 inches diameter
Beautiful Lace Diamond with Matching Border - 45 x 45 inches
Delicately Patterned Lace
- the simplest shawl to knit - 45 x 45 inches
Island of Cumbrae Border Circular Shawl
- 100 years old - 48 inches diameter
Edith Lace and Brambleberry Border Head Shawl
- 100 years old - 30 x 30 inches
Marigold - for the experienced knitter - 46 x 46 inches
Shell Attractive Lace Border - 100 years old - 44 x 44 inches
Leaf Knitted Triangular Head Shawl
- 100 years old - length from point to base 23 inches
Cable and Gothic Border - 100 years old - 44 x 44 inches
Rose Leaf in Four Triangles Head Shawl - 36 x 36 inches

Triangular Head Shawl in Simple Crochet
- length from point to base 27 inches
All Over Lace with Cluster Border - 40 x 40 inches
Water Lily Large Circular crochet Shawl - 64 inches diameter.

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