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SEX OF THE WITCH (Il Sesso della strega - 1973)
- Annamaria Tomello
portrays the titular witch named Ingrid, who early-on possesses a
young man whom she forces to commit a series of sex crimes and
murders. This creepy, nudity-filled sex romp features star turns by
Camille (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) Keaton as well as Italian
sexploitation film lovelies Susanna Levi and Jessica Dublin.
Directed by Angelo Pannaccio, who even manages to make the family
dog looked frightened as the sexy witch does invokes terror amongst
the cast, gets the most from the material. Watch as Keaton learns
the fine art of witchcraft-induced nipple piercing!!! Fans of
euro-sleaze will want to add this rare oddity to their collections.
Presented in a letterboxed, very-good-looking VHS-quality print,
this Italian language production appears complete and uncut at 78
Language: Italian
Format: DVD-R, NTSC, region-free
(plays worldwide)
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