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A group of high-spirited youngsters finds
friendship, love, and music together while working summer jobs at a
holiday camp in this Merseybeat musical. Gerry (John Leyton) is a
bartender who fantasizes about being a famous pop star. Christina
(Grazina Frame) is an upper-class bird who sneaks off to be a
waitress against the wishes of her Aunt Winifred (Hazel Hughes),
who would rather she keep up her operatic voice lessons with the
great Italian maestro Professor Bastinado (

Ron Moody

). Susan and Jennifer (Susan and Jennifer Baker) are
boy-crazy twins who work in the nursery, and Timothy Gilben (Mike
Sarne) is the arrogant nightclub singer who signs on as the camp's
entertainer before realizing his audience will be a gaggle of
preschoolers. The camp's annual talent show is to be televised live
this season, so the gang sets aside their jockeying for each
other's affections long enough to form a musical group. They need
to practice in secret to keep Christina away from her meddling Aunt
Winifred, but Gerry's father (

Michael Ripper

) recognizes the Professor as a Cockney comic from
the old music hall days, and the outed Bastinado is forced to help
the kids if he wants to keep his secret. British Invasion pop stars
Freddie and the Dreamers appear as five musical, madcap chefs and
sing two numbers, while Liverpool beat group the Mojos supply some
hard teenage blues during a swinging dance club scene

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