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SEO Suite â„¢ is an All-In-One SEO Software combines More Than 25 SEO Tools in one SEO Suite to Boost Your Web Site to the Top 10

Are you looking for a high level Internet Marketing Tool/Search Engine Optimization SEO Software) that will save you Time, Money and most of all achieve for you a Higher Search Engine Ranking for Google, Yahoo! and MSN?

SEO Suite ™ is a high level SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Management Software which contains more than 25 SEO tools to assist you in optimizing your or your clients’ website to achieve a higher search engine ranking. It includes Web Site Optimizer, Search Engine Submitter, Link Building Tools and Reporting Tools.

SEO Suite â„¢ is not just another SEO tool. It is set apart from all other competitors because it caters for all levels of SEO work. The Corporate Edition is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the SEO Consultant while the Standard and Professional Editions are designed for Small to Medium Businesses.

Apex Pacific know that everyone has different needs for when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. That’s why we have developed 3 versions of SEO Suite 8.0 to ensure that every user from Mom and Dad Website Owners to SEO Agencies and Consultants succeed in achieving higher website rankings and better online sales from SEO for themselves or their clients.

Take a look below at each of the three versions to see which one will fit your business best!

The Corporate(or Agency) Edition is exclusively designed for SEO Consultants and Agencies to manage SEO Service projects easily and efficiently.


Site Optimizer

Step by step user friendly interface

The new SEO SuiteT makes it easier than ever before to optimize your website with its simple interface, based around Windows XP. Not only this but the logical, step by step process takes you thoroughly through the steps of optimization making sure that you can optimize a website quickly and easily.

Keyword Library and keyword Builder

This handy feature allows you to quickly create or modify a keyword library database and use them for your web sites. Keyword Research can be one of the most time consuming and difficult parts of optimization. However just add in a master keyword and click the button and the SEO SuiteT will generate for you hundreds of relevant keywords and phrases for your business.

Built-in Search Engine Optimization Features

The comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features will help you enhance your Web site and suggest the ways to improve your Web ranking on all major search engines. This can be generated into a simple report which you can use to easily identify key areas that need to be improved for optimization.

Meta Tag Generator

The Built-in Meta tag generator will help you to create or modify your websites keywords, description tag and Web title for your Web page with a single click. This is an important part of optimization and is now made so easy. You can also edit multiple HTML files at once.

Faster speed

The SEO SuiteT is now even faster, allowing you unlimited multiple connections for super-fast submission processing. You can specify the number of connections you want and make it suitable for your internet connection speed.

More Reliable

With our new engine database design and two level category selections, your Website will be submitted more accurately. For directory types of engines, the program will look at both the sub-category and the main category and then make sure the best category is chosen.

Doorway Page Generator

The SEO SuiteT software can generate a Doorway Page automatically with the keywords you choose which can then be uploaded into your website. This doorway page can help you to get higher rankings for "Spider" search engines.

URL Verification

This smart search function helps you to verify your URLs to make sure that they are correct and all of your web pages are working correctly.


Site Submission
All in One Automatic Search Engine Submission

SEO Suite™ helps you to submit your website automatically to all the Major search engines faster then before. With just the click of the button, you can submit all of your websites URL’s to search engines all over the world.

Manual Search Engine Submission

The new manual submission features will give you absolute control over the search engine submission process. Some engines like Altavista, DMOZ etc. do not accept auto-submission unless you enter the right submission code or choose the correct category. The Manual submission features will allow you to do this quickly and easily all within the one program and save you the hassle of having to find these engines yourself.

Scheduled Search Engine Submission

This feature allows you to schedule your Search Engine Submission task to run the submission automatically at a specific time with specific intervals. For example, you can set up the scheduler to submit your web site very 30 days. This is important to continue to notify the search engines of any changes that you have made to your website so that they can update them into their database.

Froogle Submitter

The SEO Suiteâ„¢ also has the ability to submit and manage your products to Google's Froogle shopping site. Listing your product in Froogle is a free way to extend the reach of your products to millions of new buyers. With Froogle Submitter, you can get your products advertised quickly and easily in 2 minutes.

Engine Builder (Enterprise Edition Only)

A smart "Engine Builder" will allow you to add your own new engines to the software which unlocks the limitation of engines you can submit.

Link Building

Link Popularity Check

Link popularity Checker is one of the best ways to retrieve and independently measure your website's online awareness and overall visibility. It allows you to see the number of incoming links to your website (number of links that point to your web site) and it also plays an important role in ranking your site in search engines like Google.

Internal Link Analysis

The SEO SuiteT has the new advanced feature of an internal link analysis which will analyse your internal linking structure to make sure that it complies with search engine standards. This will help to increase your link reputation.

External Link Analysis

The External Link Analysis feature is great for checking your external links which is important to increase your link reputation.

Article Submitter

Submitting articles about your website is now simple with the click of a button within the SEO SuiteT. You will be able to submit your articles to popular eZine websites and use this to get more traffic to your site.

Link Directory Creator

The Link Directory creator allows you to easily create a list of relevant directories where you can submit your website and help to increase your link popularity.

Link Popularity Checker

Checking your websites link popularity can be done easily within the SEO SuiteT. Having links coming through to your website is an important part of search engine optimization so it is important to check this regularly. This can be done easily with the SEO SuiteT.

Link Partner Manager

The new SEO SuiteT will help you to get links through to your website. An important part of SEO! The Link Partner manager will organise all your link partners web sites in one screen, where you can add a new link partner, edit existing partner details, track to see if your web site has been linked by your link partners.

Reciprocal Link Creator

The Link generator is a great tool to create more potential link partners from search engines based on the keywords that you specify. This allows you to get relevant links to your website and it will send "personalized" reciprocal link invitations to all potential link partners.

Link Tracker

The link tracker will track your link partners web site to verify that your web site URL has been linked by your link partners. This will make sure that your website is definitely placed on their website.

Link Page Creator

This will creates link pages automatically for your reciprocal link partners. It allows you to add your link partners web site to your link pages.

Reciprocal Link Invitation

This will allow you to send "Personalized" reciprocal link invitations to your potential link partners. You can send a single invitation to an individual partner or send it in bulk with a "Personalized" message to all link partners.


Search Engine Optimization Reports

The SEO Reports provided by SEO SuiteT will give you comprehensive details on where your website can be improved so that it will rank higher in the search engine. The report tool will scan your website for the correct location of keywords in Meta tags, Titles as well as Website content. These reports are extremely useful to SEM Companies as they can provide this comprehensive information to their clients.

Website Submission Reports

The website submission report feature is a great way for you to keep track of all the search engines that your website has been submitted to. This can be generated easily within the SEO SuiteT so that you can easily identify the key engines targeted.

Keyword Ranking Reports

Find out exactly where your website is ranking in all the major search engines by using the keyword ranking tool. Not only this, but you can easily generate this into comprehensive reports which you can store so you can monitor your websites position over time.

Customized Report (Corporate Edition Only)

This feature is excellent for Web Design or Internet marketing companies looking to send out reports to clients. This feature allows you to fully customize the reports with your company name, logo and details. It is useful when you provide submission services for other people.

Page Rank Checker

Your Google Page Rank is a great indication of how high your website is going to rank under particular keywords in the Google search engine. The Page Rank checker is a handy feature which allows you to check this quickly and easily for all the URLs within your website.

Enhanced Web Ranking Report Creator

The newly built in Web Ranking function will check your web site position on all the major search engines and tell you exactly where your website is ranking. This makes monitoring your web position so easy and will save you a lot of time.

Reciprocal Link Creator

The Link generator is a great tool to create more potential link partners from search engines based on the keywords that you specify. This allows you to get relevant links to your website and it will send "personalized" reciprocal link invitations to all potential link partners.

Network support

This allows you to share Project data from different computers cross your network. This is mainly designed for SEM or SEO companies who provide SEO services and want to install multiple licenses cross their network.

Incorporate Site Statistics Service

With Dynamic Site StatsT you can know where your web visitors are coming form. What are they searching for? Which are the most popular pages on your website. Dynamic Site StatsT service provide complete website traffic report and monitor Real-time traffic 24 hours a day..


Web Ranking Tool

A must have Search Engine Ranking and Web Site Position tool for every web promoter

Web Ranking is the most POWERFUL web site analysis tool. It will help you check your web site position on ALL major search engines such as Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, WebCrawler, MSN etc. Apex Web Ranking Software works is a power web ranking tool works hand in hand with Web Submission (a web site submission and search engine optimization software ) to check your web site ranking to help to get your web site listed into the top position of the search engines. Apex Web Ranking software saves you hours of work of constantly monitoring your web site's search engine positions while alerting you to problems. With Web Ranking you will have the reports you need to make improvements, correct problems, check your competitors web site positions and thereby increase your web site's traffic without spending a penny in advertising!

Web Ranking is an essential tool for the serious web promoter, providing a means to judge the success of your Search Engine and Web Position. Web Ranking will fully automate the process of doing this tedious task and then provide you with practical guidance and tips to improve your pages so they will rank better with the search engines.

Web Ranking also allows you to add your own engine using an Engine Builder Plugin, which unleash the potential of having unlimited number of engines.**


Stay on TOP of your competitor

As 85% of the total internet traffic is generated by search engines, 3rd party research has proven that search engine positioning is the most effective way to drive traffic to your web site. However, with millions of web sites indexed by the search engines, if your web site is not listed into the top 30(or 50) position of the search engine search results, it is almost impossible for people to find your web site on the search engines. To know where your web site ranks on the search engines and how good is your web site position compare with your competitors is your first step to optimize your web page to achieve higher ranking.

Checks web position for 100 keywords on 20 search engines in 5 minutes

Checking your web site position is very time consuming. If you tried to do this manually. For example, let's say, you have 100 keywords want to monitor, you want to check its top 30 positions for 20 major search engines. If you do it manually, you need to perform about 6000(100 keywords * 20 engines * first 3 pages) individual searches to get the results and compare it with your URLs one by one. It may take you weeks to complete this task if you do this manually until now! With the all new Web Ranking, you can complete this task within 5 minutes with just one button click and 3 comprehensive ranking reports will be generated for you automatically. Web Ranking will literally save you untold hours of manual searching and creating the Web Ranking report, not to mention the amount of money you would spend on the Internet connection time.

Supports unlimited keywords for multiple URLs

This powerful Web Ranking tool allows you to check your web position for unlimited keywords for multiple URLs on ALL major search engines with one button click. Please look at the screenshot below; all your keywords, URLs, search engines, positions and search results are shown in a friendly easy to use interface. All you need to do is to click the "Load Keywords" button to load your keywords from your web site (automatically), and then click the "Look Up" button, the program will perform the keyword ranking position look up for you automatically, and generate the ranking reports for you when it completed.

Comprehensive Search Engine Ranking Reports

If you are running a business, you will know that a good business report will make difference to your business. When we redesigned the new Web Ranking, we have kept this in mind to bring to you the best Web Site Ranking and Position reports that every webmaster needs but can not be found from any other place.

Below is a sample of our comprehensive Web Ranking reports. Our unique "Search Keyword Summary Report" displays your positions for all keywords on all search engines in a matrix format. This is the ONLY such type of ranking report on the market today and there is NO OTHER ranking program can compare with.

Send Search Engine Ranking Report by Email

Do you want to send your web site ranking and position report to your boss or your client? If you are a web hosting company or running a search engine positioning service for other people, automated this task will be very important to you. No problem, with Web Ranking, it allows you to send search engine ranking and web site position reports to any email address automatically when it complete, or you can also re-send it again to other email address at any time with one button click.

Schedule your Search Engine Ranking process at any time interval automatically

Thousands of new web sites will be added to the search engines every day, and search engines will update their database frequently, your web site position will be changed from time to time. It is very important that to check your web site position constantly to aware the problem quickly if your position is dropped. With Web Ranking, you can specify the time you want to run the web ranking and position report every week, fortnight or any time interval, the program will perform the ranking search for you automatically, so that you can always stay on top of your competitions.




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