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This listing is for Saint Saiya complete collection ALL Series, All 6 Movies, ALL 31 OVA's
Dvds for dvd players, X-box and PS3
Awesome series! A great classic
Set shipped sleeved, no cases/art
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Galaxian Wars 1-7
Black Saints 8-15
Pope Ares Minions 16-22
Silver Saints 23-35
Gold Saints 36-40
Zodiac Temples 41-73
Posieden Asgard 74-99
Posieden 100-114
Hades OVA
Sanctuary 1-13
Inferno 14-19
Inferno 2 20-25
Elysion 26-31
Movies 1-5 (4 original movies + Overature)
Original Japanese language with great
English subs.