Item Description
If you like action movies, but don't like a lot of carnage, this is the one for you! A simple story of a Vietnam Vet who comes through town only to get picked on by the local "good ole boys" and ends up in a small-scale war with them, it's also humorous. Linda Blair gives a credible performance as the young widow of another vet whose father is the local rich guy. Her small son is a doll and the whole movie is one that most anyone in the family would enjoy. For once, the sheriff in the small town is not the bad guy (although his deputy isn't all that likeable!) and the action is not dependant on murder and mayhem--but lots of stuff gets blown up and there are enough shots fired to please action film lovers. It's a great movie! Dvd+R in Papersleeve. Ships in Bubble Wrap Envelope. Very Good Quality.