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Hand Crochet for Babies
1940s Vintage Crochet Patterns Book
PDF Reproduction

Royal Society Book No. 2, 1943

Vintage crochet patterns for babies, toddlers and young childrens clothes, both practical and dressy. All are made with crochet cotton using various crochet hook sizes. Although this is a crochet book, there are 5 patterns which are knit. Using todays cottons and baby yarns, these lovely patterns can be made in delicate pastels, bright and colourful, or casual looks.

* Feeding Bib
* Irish Crochet Dress (Sizes 1, 2)
* Dress-Up Set (Infant)
* Soakers (knit)
* Creeper (Sizes 2, 3) (knit)
* Bassinet Pet
* Peek-A-Boo Pram Set (Infant)
* Bib
* Bootees
* Carriage Set
* Dream Dress (Sizes 1, 2)
* Toy Humpty Dumpty and Rug
* Under the Sun (Sizes 2, 3)
* Pictures and Feeding Bib
* Coat Hangers
* Susan Doll
* Keepsake Sacque
* Pull-on Pants (one pair knit)
* Petite Pinafore (Sizes 2, 3)
* Play Suit (Sizes 2 and 3) (knit)
* Cap and Bootee Set
* Butterfly Sacque
* Carriage Set
* Sunday Best Dress (Sizes 1, 2)
* Cuddle Up Cardigan (Size 2)
* Rompers (Sizes 2, 3)
* Play-Pen Panties (Infant)
* Pullover Pals (Sizes 2, 3) (knit)
* Jiffy Crochet Sacque (Infant)

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