Item Description
Themost popular weight loss product in Hong Kong!

Reduce 5-10 KG a week!!! WEIMEIOBProtein SlimEssence AS discovered
byscientists, membrane of lipocyte will shortly open when it meets
OBprotein and recover after unsolvable fattiness escape
fromlipocyte, OB protein can work directly on the lipocyte layer
toquickly encapsulate and dissolve the lipocyte and then stop
thebody's absorption of excessive fattiness,it can help you to
becomefitter more effectively. This discovery is really a
breakthroughfor human's health and fitness, it has solved the key
issue in theprevious fitness model where some become can not
effectively loseweight. "OB Protein Slim Body Essence" features the
upgradedformula and technique, and the activeness of OB protein
improves 6times and Can instantly penetrate and decompose the fatty
cells,According to the partial fat of people, the directional fat
burningfactor FDF is added and can effectively soften and decompose
thesurplus fat on waist, belly, hops, legs and face, thus
instantlyand powerfully lose weight and create charming
figure.Ingredients:OBprotein, Organic chromic protein, Vitamine
BT,Vitamine B6, L¨CCarnitine, Spirulina, Lycopene, Usage
anddosage:Take one capsule before breakfast, 1 time day, if have
notany uncomfortable after 3 days, take two capsules before
breakfast,1 time a day.Start off to take minimum. Net: 350mg X
60capsules (1month usage) PRECAUTIONS£ºFor those
patients with heartdisease, myocardial impaction malfunction or
liver of kidney,pregnant women as well as children. Storage:Store
in a cool, dryplace. Keep out of reach of children.