Item Description
ROA Parkour 280 Racer With Flysky 2.4G 6CH Transmitter CCD SONY 700TVL Camera RTF ROA Parkour 280 Racer With Flysky 2.4G 6CH Transmitter CCD SONY 700TVL Camera RTFDefault red canopy,easy replacement.

Brand: ROA Item No.: SYN280 Item name: Parkour 280 Racer Length: 251mm Width: 228mm Height: 78mm Diameter: 280mm Main material: carbon fiber Plastic canopy: Parkour 280 comes with red canopy, if you prefer green or yellow, please wait patiently, we will sell the canopies as spare patrs as soon as possible.
Motor: ROA 2204 2300KV brushless motor ESC: Hobbywing 20A FPV image transmission: 5.8G 200MW 32 Channel Antenna: 5.8G antenna Flight controller: CC3D build in signal lamp Transmitter: Flysky fs-i4 (the procedure has been changed to be suitable for ROA Parkour 280)
Compatible TX: S UBS X UBS SPEKTURM Receiver: 6 channel PPM Camera: CCD SONY 700TVL Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 30C Propeller: 6040 Charger: 3S AC balance charger Flying weight: 580g (with electronic and battery) RTF weight: 1600g (included handbag) Package weight: 1800g (included handbag and carton) Features:
Full carbon fiber frame Foldable arm cylinder Avoid vibration Camera / LED headlight angel is adjustable ESC built in design Paint canopy design Protection cover for camera LED switch Compatible camera: Mobius, Gopro, CCD SONY 700.Adjusting-parameter Instructor
Package included:
1 x ROA Parkour 280 carbon fiber frame kit 1 x Plastic canopy 1 x Flysky 2.4G 6CH transmitter 1 x 6 channel receiver 1 x CC3D flight controller build in signal lamp 1 x CCD SONY 700TVL 1 x 5.8G 200mw image transmission 4 x 20A ESC Hobbywing 2 x CW ROA 2204 2300KV brushless motor 2 x CCW ROA 2204 2300KV brushless motor 2 x CW 6040 propeller 2 x CCW 6040 propeller 1 x 3S AC balance charger 1 x 11.1V 2200mAh 30C battery 1 x tail light LED 1 x headlight LED 2 x Magic tape