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Rich Man Poor Man Book Two was a 1976-77 television series
that picked up where the 1976 Mini-Series ended.(I also have the
mini-series listed)Tom Jordache(Nick Nolte)was killed by people
hired by AnthonyFalconetti(William Smith).Senator Rudy
Jordache(Peter Strauss),Tom's brother,had Falconetti arrested and
sent to prison.Rudy also became a surrogate father to Tom's
son,Wesley(Gregg Henry) and Julie's(Susan Blakely)son,Billy(James
Carroll Jordan).Series follows Rudy's career as a senator and his
personal battle against Charles Estep(Peter Haskell),a billionaire
that is a cause of corruption in the Senate.Rudy also has to deal
with the tension between Wesley and Billy and the trouble they get
into.And if that isn't enoughFalconetti gets out of prison and
wants revenge on Rudy.However Rudy does catch a break when Kate(Kay
Lenz),Tom's wife,comes into his life.Returning stars from the
mini-series were Susan Blakely(Julie Prescott,Rudy's wife)Herbert
Jefferson Jr.(Roy Dwyer,Tom's partner on the boat,Clothilde),Kay
Lenz(Kate Jordache,Tom's wife) andof course,William Smith(Anthony
Falconetti).This is for all 22 episodes in excellent quality,9 out
of 10.This is on 6 dvd-r discs and comes in a 6-dvd case.(See
pictures)This set also has menus for each episode.Most of the other
sets being sold do not have menus so you have to fast forward
through the episodes you have seen to get to the episode that you
have not seen.Ask about this on other sets.Dvds are Region 1 for
USA and Canada dvd
players.There are no refunds due to ease of copying.However I
will do a free one time replacement for any returned defective
dvds.Also no refund for compatibility problems so
please make sure your dvd player plays dvd-r discs.All recent
(5 years)players do and even most older players have no problem.One
of my players is 8 years old and has no
That said you will not be disappointed by this set.Shipping
is $3.00 for 1st class with delivery
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