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Size 14*10*23cm
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Item Description
Product Name: remote sensing snow romance Fei Xian

Packing: box 24, a single color box! Hope that customers don't pick color

Origin: Yiwu

Function: under the new upgraded version of the remote control on induction

Packing: exquisite packaging window display box

Packing size: 19*12.5*28.2CM

Product size: 12*13*19CM

Gross weight: 11 KGS

Net weight: 7 KGS

Remote control distance: about 10 meters

Remote time: 6-8 minutes

Quantity: 24 / box

Battery: 3.7V100MAH batteries

Remote controller battery: AA "1.5V*6" (to buy)

Accessories: remote control, charger

Packing: color box window

Product material: high strength plastic, alloy material and

Electronic component


1 of the toys try not to play in the narrow space, lest produce risk;

2 in the field of play, please do not pay attention to the wind and rain of the place, affecting the flight;

Children below 3.5 years of age the best play in the presence of their parents;

4 rotating propeller, hands can not touch the position of propeller, so as to avoid the pain!

5 first in the indoor hall demo, learned to play outside, the mastery of the ups and downs of the rules, can enjoy the play Oh.

Functional overview:

1 infrared remote control to start the automatic frequency modulation, the operation is simple, a school will

2 intelligent induction automatic rise fall, free control

3 remote charging combination design whenever and wherever possible to fly flew.

Friendship prompt:

Please do not use Nanfu, Shuanglu, Duracell and other strong strong alkaline battery or charging, so as not to burn out the circuit boards and other accessories. Recommend the use of low-cost battery. When charging must turn off the switch, charging time should not exceed 15 minutes.