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The program follows teenagers Amanda Zimm (Laura Bertram) and
Elizabeth "Busy" Ramone (Lani Billard) throughout life's struggles.
The show began as a short film and was titled Thirty-Two Double A.
Eventually the producers saw that the show had the potential to be
popular and turned it into a series. Throughout the show's 5 year
run, the girls matured from the sixth grade to the ninth grade. The
show ends when one of the main characters (Amanda Zimm) has to move
to the West Coast. Her best friend on the show, Busy Ramone, stays

Laura Bertram as Amanda Zimm
Lani Billard as Elizabeth "Busy" Maria Teresa Carlita Ramone
Gail Kerbel as Phyllis Zimm
John Lefebvre as Leonard Zimm
Diana Reis as Lucy Ramone
Gerry Mendicino as Sam Ramone
Jason Deline as Ernie Lipnit
Joseph Griffin as Manny Ramone
Fab Filippo as Dominick "Dom" Ramone
Noah Plener as Frankie Ramone
Amos Crawley as Bernie Sagittarius "Sag" Chearney
Benjamin Plener as Michael 'Monkey Ears'
Amy Smith as Chrissy

(DISC 1)

Thirty-Two Double A

Smoke Screen

Busy's Curse

Model Perfect

The Big Gulp

(DISC 2)

Members Only

The Worst Thing That Happened And The Best Thing That Didn't

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Double Talk

Black or White or Maybe Grey

(DISC 3)

Origins of Man

Wild Life

Tricky Kisses

Beyond the Birds and the Bees

First Date

(DISC 4)

Family Therapy

Poor Little Rich Girl

A Little White Lie

White Girls Can't Jump

Break Up

(DISC 5)

Amanda's Romance

Dear Troy

The New Deal

Monkey See, Monkey Do


(DISC 6)

Am I Perverted Or What?

My Buddy Buddy

The Last Hurrah

Tongue Tied

Under One Roof

(DISC 7)

Crossing The Line

Three's A Crowd

Crater Face

Thin Ice

Swear To God

(DISC 8)

Just Friends

Sweet Thirteen

Sister, Sister

Nothing In Common

(DISC 9)

First Day of Junior High

The Grass is Greener

Where Do I Belong?

Glamour Girl

I Do, I Don't

(DISC 10)

The Girlfriend

Prince Charming

Family Album

First Serious Party


(DISC 11)

Warts And All

Girls Night In

What's Yours is Mine

Coming Home

Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up

(DISC 12)

Cross My Heart

Your Own Money

Let Me Make My Own Mistakes

When A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Get A Life

(DISC 13)

Saint Carla


Second Generation

All Or Nothing

Great Is...Great

Hello, Goodbye