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From my collection to yours, here are some
rare & lost Cher interviews I've come across and pulled out of
my storage.
Over the years, Cher never hid the fact that she had issues
with Johnny Carson for attempting to have her thrown out of a party
back in the day. Yet Cher did make appearances on "The Tonight
Show" from time to time during the 70's & 80's. The appearances
were always with a guest host, George Seagel 1975 / Rich Little
1979 / Martin Mull 1980 and during her appearances she was always a
thrill to watch.
In 1975, Just after her divorce from Sonny
became final 6/27/1975, she married Gregg Allman three days later
6/30/1975 to the surprise of a nation, then within a week she made
this, another surprising guest appearance on The Tonight Show
with Sonny!
The other appearances on The Tonight Show was
to promote "Take Me Home" album 1979, and "Prisoner"
Also included on the first DVD , are two more
interviews, one being the rarest and the other my favorite
appearance that I had not seen in 20 + Years. The first one
is taped during Cher's first time at Caesars, an Australian
interviewee for her future shows down under , she in her "Fame"
outfit discussing life, her children and going to perform Down
My favorite is the Premiere show of "The Late
Show with Joan Rivers", Cher & Elton are guests and Cher is on
the verge of peaking in her acting career, she never looked more
beautiful, seemed more at peace with all that's around her and I
only wish she and Elton could of done a whole concert!!
The Second DVD includes a rare appearance on "The Merv
Griffin Show" promoting "Take Me Home" in 1979, she performs
several songs ( Take Me Home, Love & Pain & Too Far Gone)
and has Elijah, Chasity and her mom & sister on with her as
well as "The Hudson Brothers". Cher's very at ease with Merv and
this is the best conversation / interview of the bunch. This
interview is an hour long, the old talk shows used to run for 1 1/2
hours back then! I remember when these shows originally aired, I
missed them with the exception of "The Late Show", I'm so glad that
someone had a VHS recorder way back even in 1975 to capture these
appearances, so that we all can still enjoy them today!
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