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Will you see seascape mountains, valleys, dunes or chaos created before your eyes? Falling colored sand is soothing & relaxing--the perfect gift for anyone who needs to de-stress.

Each Rainbow-Vision Sandbilder Deep Sea is handmade by Klaus Bosch, a native Austrian. Klaus (aka: Sandman) is known as the master of moving sand pictures worldwide. He has been making the Rainbow Vision Sand Picture since 1988.

The idea of moving sand pictures was born in the early sixties when a couple of art students in California made a research project on kinetic art. One of their outcomes was the sand picture! In the Eighties, Klaus Bosch strove to find an art technique that would permit him to express his feelings of an ever changing world and a friend introduced the sand picture to him. From that point forward Klaus began to create his own sand art using the sand picture techniques and he continues to make some of the greatest sand art that we've ever seen.
Please Note: Do not use in direct sunlight. Turn the picture at least once every month. Keep small parts away from children.

* Rotate for a new design
* The most beautiful handmade sand art available anywhere!
* Round design for easy turning and beautiful sand sculptures

Technical Specs:
* Made out of glass, rubber, and wood
* Dimensions: 10.25'' x 10.25" x 2" (Sand Art disc only)
* Dimensions: 10.25" x 2" (Base)

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