Pokemon VHS Video 3 Tape Lot
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Condition Very Good
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This listing is for Pokemon VHS Video 3 Tape Lot.

* Pokemon - Fighting Tournament Vol 10 VHS

When Team Rocket steals a Hitmonlee and enters the Fighting Pokemon Tournament, it will be up to Ash, Primeape, and Pikachu to fight for justice against their sticky tricks! Later, a Magemite thinks that love is the best medicine for Pikachu's electric flu. Will Pikachu agree? Finaly, Pokemon trainers are recruited to capture the Digletts that keep wricking a dam, including Ash's rival Gary! Will we see a showdown between trainers, or will the Digletts win in the end? At last, Ash has earned his Marsh Badge! After overcoming a few Primape Problems, he also has a new Pokémon under his belt. But he's still falling behind the other trainer hopefuls. So Ash, Misty, and Brock hit the road once again on their quest to defeat and capture more Pokémon. This time, their journey leads to the Fighting Spirit Gym, where our gang pits their fighters against such nasties as Machop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan. The kids even manage to enlighten an overworked trainer who's been neglecting his family. Next they travel to Gringy City, a dank, smelly town on the verge of disaster. Thanks to Pikachu's magnetism, the town is restored and Ash collects a rather stinky reward. Finally, lost somewhere in the mountains, the trio solves a mystery involving a band of molelike Diglett and the dam project the little diggers keep thwarting. This standard sampling of Pokémon fare includes all the split-screen action, vibrant--sometimes psychedelic--animation, and nicely paced story lines of its other TV episode collections. A little slapstick humor provided by Team Rocket amuses the 5-year-old crowd, and we hope the "morals" of each 25-minute story (such as, "When you do a little digging you can always find something good") are not lost on the equally enraptured 10-year-olds.

* Pokemon - Water Blast Vol 18 VHS

Ash, Pikachu and friends travel to Cinnabar Island to find the Pokemon gym, but the whole island has become a tourist trap! Can Ash track down the hidden gym? Then, it's a battle between Magmar and Charizard with the Volcano Badge at stake! And, can Ash solve the mystery of the sleeping turtle Pokemon before Team Rocket steals the island's only Blastoise? Plus, Misty is the star of the Cerulean Gym's underwater play! But Team Rocket are playing the too-real villains! "Riddle Me This" finds Ash on his way to the island of Cinnabar to win his volcano badge, but when he, Misty, and Brock arrive, they discover that tourism has taken over the island, leaving only a dilapidated, deserted gym. When Togepi chances upon a secret entrance to the island's volcano, the group finds a secret Pokémon gym headed by the riddle-loving Pokémon master Blaine. Do Squirtle, Charizard, and Pikachu stand a chance against Blaine's arsenal of fire Pokémon? "Volcanic Panic" begins with Ash's admission of defeat--he just can't sacrifice Pikachu in the hopes of winning his seventh badge. The evil Team Rocket has followed Ash's group to the volcano and is plotting to freeze and capture Blaine's fire Pokémon Magmar. You'll never guess which of Ash's Pokémon helps thwart Team Rocket's attempt, saves the island from a deadly volcanic eruption, and eventually defeats Magmar in a badge-winning battle. Ash's plans to return to the Viridian City for his eighth badge are interrupted in "Beach Blank-Out Blastoise," when the group encounters a frantic Wartortle that leads them to the Island of Turtle Pokémon. Upon their arrival, the group encounters a host of sleeping turtles and a snoozing Blastoise. It seems that Jigglypuff has become wedged in the Blastoise's water cannon and is putting everyone to sleep. Can Squirtle and Pikachu wake up the island and save the Blastoise from Team Rocket? Parents concerned about violence should, of course, be vigilant. (Ages 5-10)

* Pokemon: The Movie 2000 VHS

Thanks to a greedy Pokémon collector, Earth's weather patterns are askew and its population doomed unless Pokémon trainer Ash can return three glass balls to their proper place in this second Pokémon feature. Unlike the television show, the movie features little violence and no Pokémon battles in the classic sense. Instead, the focus is an environmental one: what happens when humans interfere with the harmony of Earth's elements--in this case fire, ice, and lightning. Even Team Rocket have a (temporary, to be sure) change of heart, joining Ash and Misty in their effort to free the three imprisoned birdlike Pokémon who regulate those elements. The good intentions of this 76-minute film, however, don't make it any less dull for grownups (even though this feature is better than the first). Even more mind-numbing than the feature is the lead-in short, "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure," in which Pikachu and Pokémon friends follow Team Rocket's feline down a hole into a Munchkinland-type place. Without the humans for dialogue, viewers must endure a full 20 minutes of nothing but the squawks and squeaks of pocket monsters. As the movie's title song says, "We all live in a Pokémon world." (Ages 3 and older.)

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