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PIZZA MY HEART on DVD - Made for ABC Family Channel

Upon returning to Verona, NJ from college, Gina Prestolani realizes that life has not changed from when she left four years ago. Her father Sal has big plans for her, her high school sweetheart Carlo is ready to marry her, and the Montebellos and Prestolanis are still fighting. Unbeknownst to her family, Gina has changed a lot since she left and no longer wants to stay in Verona to run the family pizza parlor and marry Carlo, she has dreams of making it as a famous photographer in New York City.

On the opposite side of the wall Joe Montebello is stuck in the same position as Gina. He longs to become a great chef in New York and one day to open his own restaurant. Instead, he is now the head chef of his family’s pizzeria and is being groomed to take over from his father Vinnie. Joe believes that his dream and life are over and he is destined to be stuck in Verona, until one fateful night when Joe and Gina meet.

After falling in love at first sight, Joe and Gina’s dreams do not seem so dismal, especially now that they have found each other. For a short time they are happy, but when reality sets in they realize that because of their families’ century old feud, they can never be together. In the eyes of Sal and Vinnie, there could be no greater treason than to have one of their children in love with the “enemy.”

Can Joe and Gina truly give up their soul-mate for the good of the family or will love conquer all?

Starring Michael Badalucco, Shiri Appleby, Dan Hedaya & Eyal Podell.

Originally named Pizza Wars.
Comes in DVD-R format inside plain sleeve and no art-work. The movie is as originally aired/commercials have not been edited out.

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