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PINK FLOYD - The Ultimate Collection (5 DVD Set) - Over 20 GB of music! - NO ARTWORK!
(These discs are homemade copies of my personal collection and are stored in paper media sleeves. They do not come with artwork.)
This is the most comprehensive collection of PINK FLOYD live, rare, and in demo form that any die hard fan could ask for. Over 125+ rare and hard to find Pink Floyd ROIO's fit neatly onto 5 DVDs as audio files. As a die hard fan of the band, I have spent the past 15 years tracking down and buying/trading as much rare and live PINK FLOYD as I could get my hands on. I'm now trying to give other fans the opportunity to hear these "Crazy Diamonds" without having to spend a life time collecting them all.
The albums included in this set are as follows:
A Time in London,
A Tree Full Of Secrets (Multiple Disc Set),
A Trick of the Light,
Absolut Floyd,
Across The Swiss Border,
Animal Instincts,
Antiques And Curios,
Antiques: A Rare Collection of Oddities,
BBC Archives,
Behind The Wall,
Beset By Creatures Of The Deep,
Black Holes In The Sky,
Boston Gardens, 18/6-1975,
Boston Music Hall,
Bouton Rouge,
Bovine Psychosis,
Bowl de Luna,
Brain Damage,
Breaking Bottles In The Hall,
Broadcasting from Europa,
Building The Wall (The Wall Demos),
Chicago '77,
Complete Concertgebouw 1969,
The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions,
Creatures Of The Deep,
Cruel But Fair,
The Darkside Rehearsals,
Desk Pig In Berlin,
Dogs And Sheep,
Dragged Down By The Stone,
Ducks On The Wall,
Early Flights (Multiple Disc Set),
Echoes In The Gardens,
Echoes Of Atom Heart Mother,
Eclipsed By The Moon,
Electric Factory,
The Embryo,
Embryonic Madness,
Empire Theatre,
Fat Old Gigs,
Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls,
Getting Better All The Time,
The Good... The Bad,
The Great Gig On The Moon,
In the Grassland Away,
The Injustice of a Kaleidoscope Sound,
Interstellar Encore,
Iron Pigs On Fire,
Jersey Not Mother,
The Journey Through The Past,
Let's Be Frank (Live Set w/ Frank Zappa),
Libest Space Monitor,
Little Black Book With My Poems In,
Live Anthology,
Live At Pompeii,
Live In Nassau,
Live In Rome '71,
Live USA,
Lund, Sweden 1970,
Manchester Day '74,
Masters of Rock,
Melbourne - Soundboard Recording,
Miami, FL 4/22/77,
Mind Your Throats Adam,
Mooed Music,
Music For Architectural Students,
My Uncle is Sick Because the Highway is Green,
The Nights of Wonder,
No Room Upon The Hill,
Oakland, CA 4/21/94,
Of Promises Broken,
Offenbach 1971,
Omay Yad,
On Stage,
One of These Days,
One of Those Days,
Owed To Syd Barrett,
Paris Bercy 89,
Pavillion de Pigs,
Pepperland In The West,
Pigs Might Fly,
Pink Is The Pig,
Project Birmingham,
Psychedelic Games for May,
Random Precision,
Reaction In G,
Rhapsody In Pink (The Psychedelic Years),
Rome VPRO 6.5.68,
The Rough Cut (The Final Cut Demos),
Sing To Me Cymbaline,
Sophisticated Colours,
Sound Resounds Around,
Staying Home To Watch The Rain,
Studio Outtakes & Demos,
Supine in the Sunshine,
Tear Down The Wall,
Ultra Rare Trax,
The Valley Of The Kings,
Vierundzwanzig Teile von Nichts,
Volcanic Destruction,
We Meet Again,
Welcome to the Machine,
When You're In...Tampa,
Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan?,
Your Favorite Disease,
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