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This is a collection of vintage Crochet Patterns and Books reproduced in PDF format with patterns all featuring the popular pineapple design! Decorate every room in your home in this lovely theme! In addition to five vintage books with many different patterns, you will receive individual patterns taken from vintage books and magazines.

These patterns are hard to find and part of my personal collection. I have reproduced them so that these lovely patterns are not lost in time. Each of these patterns may be purchased separately or in a book but you receive a huge saving with this collection !


  Pineapple Designs

  Coats and Clark No. 102, 1958, 33 pages

  Crochet Patterns for your home in the popular pineapple
  design. Doll Dress or Doily, Place Mats, Doilies, Round and
  Square Pillows, Tablecloth, Ruffled Centerpiece, Shade Pull,
  Hostess Apron, Pinwheel Bedspread, Motifs, Insertion.

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  Pineapple Designs

  The Spool Cotton Company No. 230, 1946, 31 pages

  Crochet for your home featuring 14 new pineapple designs.
  Each can be made into different items: Doilies, Tablecloths,
  Bedspreads, Runners, Centerpieces, Luncheon Sets, Vanity
  Set, Bread Tray doily, Chair Sets, plus a pretty apron.

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  Pineapple Pageant

  The Spool Cotton Company No. 252, 1948, 15 pages
  Crochet doilies featuring pineapples: Shooting Star, Sundial,
  Cornfield, Whirlwind, Palm Fronds, Cloverleaf, Kingfisher's Nest,
  Thistledown, Flower Patch, Ruffle Cascade, Pineapple Trellis,
  Sunburst, Flowering Pine.

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  Pineapple Squares

  Coats and Clark No. 314, 1955, 15 pages

  Square motifs to crochet all featuring pineapple designs.
  Make them into any item you wish; tablecloth, runner, pillow,
  place mat, chair back and arm piece. Instructions for joining
  are included.

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  Pineapples on Parade

  The Spool Cotton Company No. 241, 1948, 23 pages

  Crochet for your home featuring pineapples: Tablecloths,
  Bedspreads, Table Runners, Luncheon Sets, Tray Mat, Buffet
  Sets, Centerpiece, Night Table Doilies, Chair Sets, Vanity Set.

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You will receive this entire collection of vintage patterns and books in PDF format for digital download and there are no shipping charges. You can access the books easily from your computer by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, it can be downloaded for free from their site at

By purchasing these copies, you agree to use them for personal use only; no re-selling of any or all of the contents is permitted. To the best of my knowledge and belief, this material comes from a public domain source.