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Paul Merton The Series: Complete Series 1 & 2 DVD
All 12 episodes from series 1 & 2 on DVD complete with
custom artwork (glossy sleeve and printed disc)
Unreleased on DVD this is an excellent transfer with great
quality video and audio.

Along with 'Whose Line' co-star Josie Lawrence, Paul Merton
landed his own show on Channel 4 in the early '90's. It was a
deliberate throwback to the madcap sketch shows of the '60's.
Merton would take a situation, such as a father telling his
daughter she's adopted, turned it inside out ( he tells her she
isn't ), and by piling absurdity on absurdity, created an explosion
of inspired comic lunacy.
The sketches were linked by surreal monologues such as 'there's
a time tunnel at the back of my fridge', delivered from a railway
station tobacconist's. The show miraculously avoided lavatorial
humour and brought back something that had been missing from
television for some time - visual comedy.
His 'Old Ladies' Grand Prix' wouldn't have have looked out of
place in 'The Goodies' or 'Monty Python'. Sadly, it didn't enjoy
the success it deserved, and apart from reruns from 'The Paramount
Comedy Channel' has more or less been forgotten. As Paul would say:
"Work that one out!".
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