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You're purchasing a DVD with four episodes of "The Patty Duke
Show", complete with the ORIGINAL COMMERCIALS!!! So, you can
pretty much watch them as they originally aired on ABC back in
1965. Each episode features a special guest
star. Although they are b/w, they quality is
Season 2, Ep 19:

Patty Meets a Celebrity
Sal Mineo visits his alma mater, and
Patty is cast in a play opposite him; the night of the performance,
she gets stage fright and cannot speak of her lines.
Originally Aired:
Season 2, Ep 23:

Patty Pits Wits -- Two Brits Hits
Patty tries to help a British singing
duo (Chad & Jeremy) become successful.
Originally Aired:
Season 2, Ep 25:

Will the Real Sammy Davis, Please Hang Up?
Patty is elected prom chairman and must get hold of a
big-name star.
Originally Aired:
Season 3, Ep 2:

Operation: Tonsils
Patty falls for an attractive young doctor (Troy Donohue),
and misunderstands his feelings for a boat as feelings for
Originally Aired:
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