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Cheer up The male wind ,yuan life vitality- - longbao oral liquid

By applying the principle of traditional Chinese medicine health care keeping in good health, aquiculture renal whole regulate balance of Yin and Yang, use medicine combination of drugs, food research out of anti-aging Yiqi anti-fatigue balanced nutrition of astragalus saponins function factor, in order to promote life vigor

The experimental data of the functional factor of astragalus saponins are as follows:
1. Delay the aging fruit fly test: the average life span of the fruit flies was increased;
2. Anti-fatigue experiment: it can significantly prolong the swimming time of mice;
3. Atmospheric pressure hypoxia test: it can significantly enhance the ability of the mice to withstand normal pressure and hypoxia;
4. Contain polysaccharide and increase the immune function of human body;
5.Balanced nutrition, complementing the function of qi and qi

The samples of astragalus saponins were confirmed by toxicology tests:
The maximum tolerable amount (MTD) was 54.8g/kg, and the maximum tolerance of the mice was 1096 times, indicating that the sample was safe to take.