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Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
A four-part miniseries based on Jeffrey Archer's
best-selling about four men who were defrauded by a
multimillionaire in a stock exchange plan, and who seek revenge
against him.
Four victims of a stock swindle meet and
plot to get their money back from the crooked financier
responsible. Each man, an Oxford professor, a Harley Street
physician, an art dealer and a British aristocrat deploy their
individual talents in elaborate stings to get back "Not a Penny
More, Not a Penny Less"

Release Date:
25 March 1990 (UK)

This superb dramatisation of Jeffry Archers first novel is a
rare gem of British television. It comes on 2 discs with custom
menus and is housed ina 2 way DVD case complete with custom artwork
(glossy cover and printed discs).
It is a DVD transfer taken from Japanese television and
had Japenese subtitles over the opening titles and end credits but
not duringthe programme itself apart from briefly when a new
character is identified to the audience.
Video quality is very good (at least 8/10) and the English ausio
is perfect. All my DVDs are PAL encoded and Region Free
unless otherwise stated.

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