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This listing is for a ‘made-on-demand’ DVDR (disc) not an original factory sealed DVD so please be aware of this before you order! The quality varies depending on the obscurity of the title which will be in any case a great addition to any film collection. For more information please see ‘item pictures’ to view screen-grab snapshots taken directly from the disc for sale.

Left for dead in Vietnam, 'Lieutenant Cotter' (John Dresden) became a guinea pig for KGB baddie 'Ivan Mitovitch'. Implanted with a mind control microchip, he is turned into a mindless killer programmed to kill the Pope. His colleague 'Lieutenant Sanders' (Max Thayer) then goes looking for him in Cambodia, then in El Salvador, where between them they kill pretty much everyone they meet. Aka 'War Machine'. Obscure ultra-violent Filipino action drama..! (Fullscreen).

This is an ‘unavailable on DVD’ title that has been sourced "on demand". We do not sell movies or versions of movies that are currently available on DVD in stores; we do not trade in counterfeit copies of movies that are freely available on DVD. This does not make our listed item a bootleg copy so please don’t accuse us of this and restrict us in any way shape or form! This is how movies of this type (rare and unreleased on DVD!) are made available to film collectors nowadays other than a digital file or online streaming. Most of our catalogue of obscure movies come professionally transferred from VHS, laserdisc, or obscure TV broadcasts to excellent quality unbranded DVDR discs which will be encoded ‘region-free 0’ to ensure compatibility worldwide. Our other obscure titles are unreleased unfinished ‘work print’ versions, or custom created edits that differ greatly from the officially released movie.

All our discs are safely shipped from the UK in a jiffy bag and come in a well-protected plain plastic sleeve with no cover-art or case as we don’t have the time or the means to supply this, the artwork pictured is just for ‘illustrative purposes’ only! We also encode to suit YOU and your devices be it PAL (UK/Europe) or NTSC (US/Canada) ‘unless otherwise stated’ so the disc should have no problem playing on all devices. Before ordering please make sure your devices are compatible with DVDR media to avoid any kind of disappointment. If you are unhappy with your disc(s) for any reason please let us know and we will refund your money once the questionable disc(s) is/are returned to us. If your order fails to reach you we will ship out a replacement order, be it of the same title or an alternate movie, obviously we only do this with 1-disc orders only. But please, if you have a problem contact us first, DO NOT leave questionable feedback without giving us a chance to respond! Customers who do this WILL be blocked indefinitely from making any more orders, and feedback will be left in response. Please be sure to check out our other obscure hard to find movie prints because we are also open to negotiating discounts and combining shipping fees for those wishing to purchase multiple discs so please don’t hesitate to enquire. We also offer 5-10 bulk disc deals too so please feel free to check those out if you desire more than one rare title. To buy multiple items please use the ‘shopping-cart’ option to checkout and for more info about us please read our ‘store policy’ before buying which is available on our store front page.

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