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THE COMPLETE DRAMA W/ EXCELLENT ENGLISH SUBTITLES (permanent)  Will Play on Most DVD-players and PSP players.    Please ask all questions before finalizing the transaction. All items are open to reasonable negotiations. Details from Wiki    * Title: 二千年の恋    * Title (romaji): Nisennen no Koi    * Also known as: Love 2000    * Episodes: 11    * Viewership rating: 16.0    * Broadcast network: Fuji TV    * Broadcast period: 2000-Jan-10 to 2000-Mar-20    * Airtime: Monday 21:00-21:54    * Theme song: Yesterday and Today by Do As Infinity SynopsisYuri Maroev is a secret agent and assassin from the Ural Republic sent along with his brother on a mission to Japan. Once in Japan, he meets systems analyst Mashiro Rieru and uses her high-level security access to get top-secret information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His pretense of romance turns into genuine feelings of love, as Rieru falls deeper into the intricacies of Yuri's fateful covert operations.Cast    * Nakayama Miho as Mashiro Rieru    * Kaneshiro Takeshi as Nogami/Yuri Maroev    * Miyazawa Kazufumi (宮沢和史) as Detective Kenshi Saeki    * Fayray as Naomi Nagin    * Nakama Yukie as Mashiro Maria    * Azuma Mikihisa as Imadomi Seiji    * Tachikawa Masashi (立川政市)    * Nakamura Ikuji (中村育二)    * Murata Mitsu as Kai Morieto    * Matsuo Masatoshi    * Johnny Yoshinaga (ジョニー吉長) as Victor Maroev    * Michael Scully (マイケル・スカリー)    * Kudo Kankuro    * Kishi Hiroyuki    * Inoue Takashi (井之上隆志)    * Yamazaki Naoki (山崎直樹)    * Kondo Kyomi (近藤京三)    * Harada Shuuichi (原田修一)